Program Specialist, Ocean Exploration and Research; Consortium for Ocean Leadership

Job Title: 
Program Specialist, Ocean Exploration and Research
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Washington, DC

The Consortium for Ocean Leadership is seeking a Program Specialist to join its Research and Education team. This is a full-time position reporting to the Vice President and Director, Research and Education.

The Program Specialist provides professional support and specialized knowledge to support NOAA’s Office of Ocean Exploration and Research. The individual works with internal staff, as part of the Ocean Leadership team, as well as colleagues around the nation to support this program.

The NOAA Ocean Exploration and Undersea Research Program Act of 2009 established a national ocean exploration program under NOAA. As the lead federal agency for ocean exploration, NOAA, through its Office of Ocean Exploration and Research (OER), coordinates and builds partnerships with other federal agencies and non‐federal partners to meet the goals and priorities for U.S. ocean exploration. NOAA’s OER program has made significant discoveries and captured public imagination about our ocean environment.

COL supports NOAA OER in strategic planning and partnership building with the community of exploration performers and investors, including through organization of and improved continuity between National Ocean Exploration Forums and other community ocean science and technology events.

Responsibilities include:

■ Leads planning efforts for the National Ocean Exploration Forum to broadly convene the Ocean Exploration community. Creates the forum agenda, makes final decisions on meeting locations, tracks the meeting budget, and builds sponsor relationships.
■ Facilitates and leads small groups, task forces, and workshops to focus on certain OER-related topics and support ongoing strategic planning and partnership building. Identifies and gathers research materials. Facilitates flow of information to participants. Works with Manager of Meetings and Travel to confirm meeting logistics, as needed.
■ Supports efforts to communicate ocean exploration value and amplify NOAA OER’s communication and engagement.
■ Participates in and reports on meetings associated with the ongoing program. Gathers content for program updates and helps draft text.
■ Represents Ocean Leadership and specific program during program related meetings.
■ Represents the organization and/or program at exhibit booths at scientific conferences. Helps set up booth and provides materials to booth visitors.
■ Performs other duties as assigned.

• Doctorate or Master’s degree in a scientific or policy field preferred. Bachelor’s degree in these fields and at least three years relevant work experience required. Familiarity with ocean science preferred.
• Demonstrated planning, decision-making, and problem-solving capabilities; ability to work independently to prioritize work and complete projects with general direction.
• Demonstrated initiative and creativity in suggesting and researching relevant new program concepts.
• Ability to work as team member as well as to take leadership initiative when called upon.
• Ability to work comfortably and pleasantly with a variety of clients, including scientists and heads of Federal agencies and academic institutions.
• Excellent organizational skills, with an emphasis on attention to detail.
• Excellent listening, note taking and research skills.
• Excellent written and oral communication skills.
• Demonstrated proficiency with all MS Office applications including word processing, database maintenance and management, e-mail, PowerPoint, and spreadsheets. Additional experience with MS SharePoint is preferred.
• Knowledge of graphics and web page layout and design preferred.
• Ability to travel domestically and internationally when necessary.

Tasks: (as background for the duties above)
1. Task 1 – Strategic Planning and Partnership Building
COL supports strategic planning for OER and its partner community to leverage activities and resources to maximize the contribution of ocean exploration to the priorities of the exploration community, NOAA and the United States, and our global society, including the United Nations (UN) Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. In support of strategic planning and to further advance ocean exploration technologies and techniques that will benefit the national community, COL proposes to convene workshops, in coordination with OER staff, in the broad topical areas of ocean bottom mapping and water column characterization. This individual will lead certain activities under this Task, as needed.

2. Task 2 – Communicating Ocean Exploration Value and Success
COL will work with OER to develop a value proposition and define metrics for articulating success in ocean exploration that can support the broader public outreach and communications effort of OER and its partners. Defining the value of ocean exploration demonstrates its importance to society, for example in terms of the economy, environmental change, and human health, and provides decision makers validation in supporting ocean exploration. This individual will support this Task, as needed.

3. Task 3 — Broad Convening of the Community

COL will work with the OEAB Blue Economy Subcommittee and convene an appropriately sized (based on forum scope and needs) advisory committee to plan the 2020 National Ocean Exploration Forum, including developing the forum program and engaging participation from the exploration community and its Blue Economy stakeholders. To maximize the impact of a NOEF focused on the Blue Economy and to continue the high impact and high production value of the forums, COL will seek and develop partnerships and private‐sector sponsorships. This individual will lead this Task.

Ocean Leadership offers a collegial work environment and excellent benefits. To learn more about Ocean Leadership, please visit .

To apply, please forward cover letter, resume, salary requirement, and any other relevant application materials to jobs [at] () with the subject line, “Program Specialist, R&E”.  Materials may also be mailed to Human Resources, The Consortium for Ocean Leadership, 1201 New York Avenue, NW, 4th Floor, Washington, DC 20005.

About the Consortium for Ocean Leadership

The Consortium for Ocean Leadership (COL) is a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit organization that represents the leading ocean science and technology institutions — public and private; academia, aquaria, and industry. Our mission is to shape the future of ocean science and technology. In addition to our advocacy role as the voice of the ocean research and technology community, COL manages a variety of community-wide research and education programs in areas of ocean observing, ocean exploration, and ocean partnerships. The Consortium for Ocean Leadership (COL) advocates for sound ocean policy and wise investment in ocean science, infrastructure, and education. Having established a reputation for being a credible, reliable, non-partisan, and trustworthy source of information for policymakers in the nation’s capital, COL elevates the awareness of the importance of the ocean to the nation’s economic and social well-being. Consequently, COL positively influences ocean policy and federal financial support for ocean research and technology.

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