Ocean modeller (Research Associate); CMCC (Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change) Bologna, Italy

Job Title: 
Ocean modeller (Research Associate)

The CMCC is taking into consideration the possibility to hire a talented, motivated and proactive researcher to support the OPA division modeling activities focused on the improvement of the CMEMS Med-MFC physical operational system and on the development of NEMO (Nucleus for European Modelling of the Ocean) general circulation ocean model.

This job announcement is a public invitation to express interest for the above mentioned CMCC Position.

The location is CMCC OPA office in Viale Berti Pichat, Bologna, Italy.

The primary purposes for this position is to take on a pivotal role within the ocean modelling team and contribute to the overall current-wave (NEMO-WW3) coupled modelling system of the Mediterranean Sea agreed with CMCC customers.

The role includes: the implementation, design and set up of NEMO and WW3 models in the Mediterranean Sea regional configuration; testing and execution of selected numerical experiments contributing to the upgrade of the model skill; processing and interpreting of simulation-based and observational data sets and developments of model diagnostics; the contribution to the NEMO model development programme agreed with CMCC and the international NEMO Systems Team in particular related to NEMO-wave interaction processes.

The selected candidate will work as an integrative part of a multidisciplinary team within the CMCC division and with external partners. He/she will have the opportunity to develop specialist expertise in particular areas of ocean modelling and will work in a collaborative environment, which may imply frequent attendance to internal and external group/project meetings.

The desired qualifications are:

  • Sc. degree (or equivalent working experience) in Oceanography, Computer Science, Engineering or other scientific disciplines (e.g Physics, Mathematics)
  • good experience using numerical ocean and possibly wave models (preferably NEMO, WW3)
  • good knowledge of programming languages (preferably Fortran and Python)
  • knowledge of UNIX/Linux operating systems and script languages (e.g. *nix shell)
  • knowledge of parallel programming on HPC architectures
  • fluency in English

Furthermore, it is welcome that candidates have as much as possible of the following experience:

  • PhD in physical oceanography or other scientific disciplines dealing with ocean modeling
  • knowledge of ocean-wave coupled numerical models
  • knowledge of air-sea interaction, tidal, and ocean mixing processes
  • knowledge of version control systems (i.e., git, svn)
  • knowledge of workflow management platforms
  • experience in managing/manipulating NetCDF data.

Belonging to legally protected categories (ex L. 68/99) will constitute a preferential condition.

The initial appointment is for 24 months starting from January 2020 at an annual salary ranging 24-32 kEUR for a junior research associate and 32-40 kEUR for a senior research associate, comprehensive of benefits, depending on qualification and experience.

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