2 Postdoctoral Scholar Positions in Ecology and Oceanography of the California Current; University of California, Santa Cruz

Job Title: 
2 Postdoctoral Scholar Positions in Ecology and Oceanography of the California Current
Job Location: 
Santa Cruz, California
Application Deadline: 
Friday, January 31, 2020
Application Information: 

The University of California, Santa Cruz, in collaboration with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Marine Fisheries Services, seeks two Postdoctoral Scholars: one in Quantitative Ecology, and a second in Physical Oceanography. These complementary positions will help with ongoing projects (i) analyzing fisheries and top predator data, (ii) analyzing oceanographic datasets in support of fisheries management, (iii) synthesizing ecosystem data in support of Integrated Ecosystem Assessments, and/or (iv) running and analyzing ocean/ecosystem models for historical, near-real-time, seasonal forecasting, and climate projection applications. The position(s) will be based at the NOAA/SWFSC laboratory in Monterey, California. The successful candidate(s) will initiate projects and partnerships with federal and academic collaborators and be able to: write code, perform advanced statistics and data analysis, and summarize scientific findings in the form of written manuscripts and oral presentations. Responsibilities also include serving as primary and co-author on peer reviewed manuscripts, helping write project reports for funding agencies, and co-writing grant proposals to continue and develop new projects that are NOAA relevant. Selected candidate(s) will be collaborating with postdoctoral researchers, research staff, students, and NOAA scientists.

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