Underwater Explorers Instructor; Monterey Bay Aquarium

Job Title: 
Underwater Explorers Instructor

Underwater Explorers (UE) Instructors will be responsible for conducting surface scuba programs for participants in the Great Tide Pool. Instructors are responsible for briefing children ages 8-13 about the natural history of our tide pools and ocean. The Underwater Explorers program introduces participants to the use of specialized scuba gear while they surface scuba dive in the Great Tide Pool and learn about its organisms and habitat. Instructors are also responsible for daily support of Animal Care tasks for the Great Tide Pool exhibit, as well as minor repairs of selected Underwater Explorers equipment. Instructors are the primary response team for any in-water safety and rescue situations. They will also work with the Guest Experience staff to answer questions regarding other programs, facilitate participant check-in and produce a daily customer service report.

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