American Oystercatcher Technician/Boat Operator - Seasonal; Audubon

Job Title: 
American Oystercatcher Technician/Boat Operator - Seasonal
Job Location: 
Southbury, Connecticut
Full-Time - Seasonal

Position Summary

As part of the Audubon Alliance for Coastal Waterbirds, the American Oystercatcher Technician/Boat Operator is responsible for aiding Connecticut Dept. of Energy and Environmental Protection Wildlife Division and US Fish and Wildlife Service efforts to inventory, monitor, and steward coastal waterbirds in Connecticut.


This position will focus mainly on American Oystercatcher monitoring. The American Oystercatcher is a shorebird that nests primarily on rocky, offshore islands in Connecticut. To monitor these birds, staff will drive a boat out to the islands. The boat will also be used to carry supplies such as string fencing stakes and banding materials. The Technician will be responsible for driving the boat safely to conduct these activities, as well as assisting with monitoring, banding, and other stewardship.


This is a great opportunity to work with American Oystercatchers through monitoring and banding. The American Oystercatcher Technician/Boat Operator is a seasonal, full-time position with a 35 hours per week schedule, and is slated for April 1st - August 31st, 2020.

Essential Functions

The American Oystercatcher/Boat Technician will assist conservation scientists with monitoring, research, and management activities for nesting and migratory shorebirds on the coast of Connecticut. Stewardship, inventory and monitoring activities include:

  • Patrolling American Oystercatcher nesting areas offshore islands using a 15’ skiff as transportation to islands.
  • Assisting with the banding program by trapping and banding birds, reporting resights of banded birds, and contributing the American Oystercatcher Working Group.
  • Monitoring of beach and island nesting birds for productivity and entering data into online spreadsheet.
  • Educating island and beach visitors about beach nesting and migrant birds.
  • Assisting DEEP and USFWS staff in stewardship activities as needed (e.g., string fencing around nesting areas).
  • Coordinating monitoring efforts with other Audubon Alliance staff.
  • Assisting with end of the season reports.
  • Additional duties may be assigned.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Must have boating certification (Connecticut certification preferred).
  • Experience trailering, launching, and driving a boat required.
  • Experience with banding preferred, shorebird banding experience a plus.
  • Coursework in active pursuit of a degree in biology, wildlife management, or related field.
  • Experience with waterbird and shorebird identification and/or monitoring for the US east coast.
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