Fish Biologist, ZP-0482-2 (DE/CR); NOAA

Job Title: 
Fish Biologist, ZP-0482-2 (DE/CR)
Job Location: 
Seattle, Washington
Full-Time - Permanent
$47,380 to $82,971 per year

As a Fish Biologist, you will be performing the following duties:

  • Conduct and support the Alaska Bottom Trawl Surveys; conduct research trawls and to sample and process research catches.
  • Collect and analyze data resulting from bottom trawl surveys or other studies of Alaskan groundfish.
  • Utilize standard computer, database and statistical programs to characterize and evaluate research results.
  • Write technical reports describing results and findings.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: The incumbent serves as science crew member on government-owned or chartered fishing vessels for up to 60 days per year at sea (dates and periods of times as sea may vary). Deployments will be at various times of the year for individual trips spanning up to 25 days each.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS:  Sea duty will necessarily involve operations in remote areas of the North Pacific Ocean with daily duties that are conducted in a demanding physical maritime environment that involve fisheries or oceanographic sampling operations exposed to weather, over long, odd hours, lifting and moving heavy equipment or biological samples (up to 70 pounds) several times a day, on an unsteady deck, depending on sea state. Incumbent is expected to participate in domestic travel on science cruises, as well as to perform non-cruise tasks and/or to attend meetings.

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