Fisheries Specialist; Washington Sea Grant

Job Title: 
Fisheries Specialist
Full-Time - Permanent

Washington Sea Grant (WSG) has an outstanding opportunity for a Fisheries Specialist to develop and coordinate strategies that advance the safety, economic success and environmental sustainability of Washington’s fisheries and seafood sectors. The Fisheries Specialist promotes collaborations among a diverse group of constituents and partners to deliver applied research, technical assistance, informational materials and training that support best practices for safe and sustainable fisheries and seafood. The position will have state-wide responsibilities, but with an emphasis on the needs of fisheries-dependent communities on Washington’s southwest coast and the Lower Columbia River. The supervisor for the position is the Assistant Director for Outreach.

The Fisheries Specialist is an integral member of WSG’s outreach team, working independently but collaboratively with industry participants, scientists, educators, resource managers and community leaders. Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture is a critical program area in WSG’s Strategic Plan, and this position will provide leadership in shaping the future of the fisheries program at WSG. Strategic actions could be wide-ranging, from helping the industry understand and adapt to environmental changes to applying innovative technologies to seafood harvesting, processing and marketing. The Specialist is expected to access expertise beyond their own to address priority challenges. Understanding stakeholder needs and building cooperative relationships in commercial and tribal fisheries and the seafood industry will be essential to success. The Fisheries Specialist likewise must build and maintain effective working relationships with fisheries managers and scientists in NOAA Fisheries, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and tribal governments. The position requires the exercise of independent judgment and problem solving skills as well as communicating effectively with colleagues and constituents.

WSG is housed in the College of the Environment and is a unique unit with federally designated responsibilities for all of Washington to support ocean-related research, outreach, education and communications. WSG serves the state and the region by providing technical assistance to coastal users and managers, engaging the public in activities that promote ecosystem health, educating students of all ages and backgrounds, and encouraging science-based solutions to marine issues.

WSG has about 20 full and part-time environmental outreach specialists with diverse expertise who connect with thousands of Washington residents each year and serve as university representatives locally, regionally and nationally. The Fisheries Specialist serves as a University/WSG point of contact for fisheries expertise—connecting Washington citizens, government and non-governmental organizations, businesses and underrepresented communities with current research, faculty, students and other university resources. This position coordinates their efforts with the Marine Operations Specialists to extend WSG outreach and assistance to fisheries communities throughout western Washington.

To achieve organizational excellence, pursue its vision, and adhere to its mission, WSG maintains a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion by pursuing diverse perspectives, and enhancing cultural understanding. WSG works to create equitable access to resources and opportunities for Washington’s diverse communities and seeks to incorporate their voices and priorities. WSG’s values are informed by environmental justice and are based in a culture of inclusion, respect, long-term engagement and accountability.


Outreach and Technical Assistance
•  Conduct community-based needs assessments to determine priority challenges to environmental and economic sustainability faced by fishers and the seafood industry, and apply the information to develop WSG objectives and strategies that meet those challenges.
•  Develop, lead and collaborate with partners on outreach and technical assistance programs to address priority challenges and achieve WSG objectives.
•  Build and maintain collaborative relationships with fishers and seafood-related businesses; tribal, federal and state fisheries management agencies; and commercial associations and NGOs engaged in relevant issues.
•  Contribute novel ideas and content information for outreach materials that convey important facts about fisheries and seafood to consumers and key intermediary audiences.
•  Develop and lead workshops, trainings, focus groups and public meetings that advance WSG’s objectives.
•  Serve on in-state and regional advisory bodies in capacities that support WSG’s mission and goals.
•  Participate as a team member in WSG interdisciplinary projects that address coastal community needs related to fisheries and seafood.
•  Conduct program evaluations and use the information to improve future program strategies and activities.

Collaborative Research on Fisheries and Seafood

Collaborate in research projects that generate information, technological or gear innovations, or improved practices that advance the safety, economic success and sustainability of fisheries in Washington.

As a UW employee, you will enjoy generous benefits and work/life programs.  For detailed information on Benefits for this position, click here.

Required Qualification

•Master’s Degree or equivalent experience, with a focus in one or more of these areas: fisheries sciences, fishing practices, fisheries management and policy, seafood handling and safety, or seafood economics and marketing.
•A minimum of two years of professional (post degree) work experience that demonstrates both the ability to produce research, education or outreach results that are directly applicable to fisheries or the seafood industry and the ability to work effectively with diverse stakeholders in fisheries and seafood business sectors.

Equivalent education/experience will substitute for all minimum qualifications except where there are legal requirements such as license/certification/registration.


Knowledge of commercial and tribal fisheries of the Pacific Northwest. Experience working in a commercial or tribal fishery, seafood processing or marketing company or another fishery-related business or organization. Interest in working from an office location in southwest Washington.


This position will work from an office in a Washington coastal community that will be determined in collaboration with the successful candidate. The responsibilities and workload require periodic evening and weekend hours. A driver’s license and the ability and willingness to travel locally, nationally and internationally are required.

Application Process:

In your cover letter describe your skills and experience relevant to the position. Please also describe how your experience will help you succeed in a role where you work closely with people from diverse backgrounds including Indigenous communities, tribal nations and institutions.

Please note that all jobs are automatically removed once the application deadline passes. Jobs without a deadline are automatically removed after 30 days.