Aquaculture Specialist; Texas A&M University

Job Title: 
Aquaculture Specialist
Job Location: 
Corpus Christi or Palacios (Matagorda Bay), Texas
Full-Time - Permanent

Job Description

Our Commitment

Texas A&M University is committed to enriching the learning and working environment for all visitors, students, faculty, and staff by promoting a culture that embraces inclusion, diversity, equity, and accountability.  Diverse perspectives, talents, and identities are vital to accomplishing our mission and living our core values.


Who we are

The Texas Sea Grant College Program is dedicated to the understanding, wise use and stewardship of the state’s coastal and marine resources. It is part of a network of 33 university-based programs in coastal and Great Lakes states that operate as a partnership between the state governments and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the U.S. Department of Commerce. Texas Sea Grant is located at Texas A&M University and is part of the College of Geosciences. Texas Sea Grant focuses on three primary, interconnected activities: research, outreach and education. To learn more about us, please visit our website


What we want

The Aquaculture Specialist (Program Coordinator II) will serve to support the development, expansion, and diversification of the Texas oyster aquaculture industry in alignment with Texas Sea Grant’s strategic plan. This position will play a major role in assisting with the first wave of commercial state operations of the emerging Oyster aquaculture industry. The Aquaculture Specialist will accomplish the goals and objectives of Texas Sea Grant’s Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture focus area through education and outreach, technology transfer, applied research activities, and administrative tasks required to carry out the research and outreach duties of the position. The selected candidate will subscribe to and support our commitment to Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accountability (IDEA) as stated above. If this job description sounds interesting to you, we invite you to apply to be considered for this opportunity.


What you need to know

The position location is yet to be determined either: Corpus Christi or Palacios (Matagorda Bay).


Required Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Four years of program administration experience

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Ability to self-motivate and work independently
  • Ability to develop and implement annual plans of work with measurable outcomes
  • Ability to communicate effectively through public speaking/presentation skills as well as strong writing skills
  • Strong quantitative skills and excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Expertise and skills with conflict resolution
  • Expertise with facilitating meetings and working with diverse stakeholders
  • Ability to multitask and work cooperatively with others


Other Requirements or Other Factor

  • Position location TBD - either Corpus Christi or Palacios (Matagorda Bay).


Preferred Education and Experience:

  • Master’s degree in aquaculture or related field.
  • Two or more years of experience working with the aquaculture industry along the Texas Coast or other coastal area
  • working in areas that complement the research and outreach interests of area universities and research institutes
  • Experience in securing external sponsored funding for aquaculture related applied research and education projects
  • Experience with community outreach and education on aquaculture issues.


Preferred Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Working knowledge of Texas aquaculture issues and policy
  • Demonstrated ability to leverage resources of coastal universities
  • Demonstrated ability to interact with coastal communities, aquaculture communities, fishing communities, resource managers, and policy- and decision-makers



  • Program Implementation and Evaluation - Work in collaboration with oyster producers along the Texas Coast to support a Texas oyster aquaculture grower’s organization. Provide technical assistance to research communities and stakeholders who have an interest in enabling economic growth in Texas oyster aquaculture. Support farmers in the integration of oyster hatcheries, seed oyster production, and oyster farm operations. Provide advisory services to review oyster related economic development plans. Provide guidance to university and agency researchers on aquaculture related sponsored program opportunities through proposal development, project implementation and project reporting. Generate a data management plan to disseminate Texas oyster aquaculture related peer-reviewed publications, grant progress reports, printed and online outreach materials, and presentations delivered at scientific, industry and local community meetings.
  • Community Outreach and Extension - Support Texas Parks & Wildlife in developing and implementing outreach and education programs for commercial oyster aquaculture farmers to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations regarding sustainable aquaculture practices. Facilitate training on the permitting and application process for oyster aquaculture as well as on the integration of oyster hatcheries, seed oyster production, and oyster farm operations. Coordinate and conduct informative and experiential workshops and seminars that engage public and private stakeholders across the Texas coast in best practices for oyster aquaculture in business operations, ecosystem management and environmental stewardship. Coordinate and conduct informative and experiential workshops and seminars that engage the public and private stakeholders across the Texas coast in economic development and investment opportunities for oyster aquaculture resulting in greater tourism as well as environmental and ecological benefits to communities. Establish public-private partnerships with industry and research communities that address oyster production limitations along the Texas coast to include technology development, genetic diversification, production efficiencies and policy. Create and maintain a Texas oyster aquaculture listserv to inform stakeholders of educational and outreach opportunities and updates on industry rules and policies. Maintain close contact with the Texas Sea Grant communications team to promote activities and programs related to oyster aquaculture. Educate seafood markets and consumers about the environmental and human health benefits of growing and eating locally sources seafood. Coordinate and conduct informative and experiential workshops and seminars that educate the public about the health benefits of seafood consumption. Coordinate and conduct informative and experiential workshops and seminars that educate the public about and the environmental benefits offered by cultivating oysters along Texas shorelines.
  • Administrative Tasks - Develop and monitor plans of work through monthly and annual reporting, annual self-evaluation, and tracking of objective-based measures of success in eSeaGrant and NOAA’s Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation Resources (PIER) reporting systems. Participate in Sea Grant planning meetings and interdisciplinary projects. Maintain close communication with the Texas Sea Grant communications team about activities and programs related to aquaculture. Provide topic points and technical expertise for Texas Sea Grant products. Maintain fiscally responsible best practices with daily fiscal and purchasing activities, and assist in preparation and monitoring of budgets for oyster aquaculture programs and events.
  • Funding - Assist in identifying funding opportunities for aquaculture-applied research and outreach. Assist university and agency researchers in proposal development, project implementation and project reporting. Perform other duties as assigned.
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