Habitat Campaign Director; Oceana

Job Title: 
Habitat Campaign Director
Job Location: 
Mexico City, Mexico

General Summary

The Habitat Campaign Director plans, develops, implements and wins Oceana’s policy campaigns. The Habitat Campaign Director leads policy campaigns designed to make changes in transparency, fisheries, ocean habitat and other related topics. The incumbent helps to recruit and train a multidisciplinary team to pursue Oceana Mexico’s campaign goals. Strong leadership, management, strategic thinking skills, and a background in transparency, habitat, and wildlife conservation are essential to the success of the campaigns. The habitat campaign director reports to the Vice President for Oceana in Mexico.   

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:  

· Lead the development and implementation of campaign strategies and tactics.  

· Develop advocacy, communications, outreach, and legal strategies to achieve the goals of the campaign.  

· Manage a team to achieve campaign goals.  

· Establish and maintain Oceana leadership within the NGO community and among stakeholders on campaign issues.  

· Develop campaign messages, strategies, and materials.  

· Serve as spokesperson for the campaign and related issues to the press.  

· Lead the planning and implementation of events.  

· Manage outside relationships with partners, vendors, supporters, and decision-makers.  

· Manage the research and writing of reports, papers, and other materials.  

· Maintain a working knowledge of related science and policy practices.  

· Develop and manage campaign budget.  

· Assist in fundraising for campaign projects and programs.  

· Work closely with the Vice President in the development of annual and longer-term campaign goals.   

· Assist with new campaign development as needed.  

· Other responsibilities as appropriate and necessary to achieve campaign objectives   

Education and work experience:  

· Degree in legal, economic, political science or related   

· Seven (7) years of related professional experience including at least three (3) years managing staff and teams.   

· Three (3) years of experience working on advocacy and outreach with Congress and different federal agencies.  

· Three (3) years of experience working in or with NGOs.  

Skills and knowledge:  

· Must have exceptional management skills with proven ability to lead a professional staff and ability to work effectively in a team environment.  

· Experience completing projects under tight deadlines and effectively managing a demanding workload.  

· Ability to work on multiple projects in parallel.  

· Capability to effectively lead a campaign team.  

· Desire and ability to advocate for complex, aggressive conservation positions in both small and large settings.  

· Possess strong oral and written communication skills, and a keen analytical ability.  

· Strong writing and communications skills  

· Fluency in Spanish and English is required  

  • 30% time of traveling


· Action Oriented: Makes things happen. Takes on new opportunities and tough challenges with a sense of urgency, high energy, and enthusiasm   

· Effective Communication: Understands the value of effective communication. Can deliver messages in a clear, compelling and concise manner. Actively listens, checks for understanding and adjusts content and style to meet the needs of different stakeholders.   

· Manages Complexity: Is able to gather data, analyze situations and uncover root causes to problems. Can distinguish between what’s relevant and what’s not and to evaluate the pros and cons of potential solutions.   

· Courage: Is able to address difficult issues and say what needs to be said. Readily tackles tough assignments. Is able to face difficult issues and supports others who do the same. Can provide direct and actionable feedback.   

· Decision Quality: Able to make timely and quality decisions in situations that are ambiguous or uncertain. Know whom to engage, what information to gather, what to pay attention to and what to ignore.   

· Resourcefulness: Is able to make the best of limited resources and find a way to get things done even when the odds are against them. Can look beyond the obvious for viable approaches to accomplish the goal.   

· Drives Results: Is skilled at communicating a vision, setting priorities, developing and executing plans that achieve desired outcomes. Has an overall achievement mindset, a bias for action, an eagerness to take initiative.   

· Strategic Mindset: Can see the big picture and move into the future with clear intentions and purposeful actions. Acts today in a way that leads to achieving future objectives.   

“Oceana values a diverse workforce and welcomes people different from each other in many ways, including characteristics such as race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, and national origin. Oceana considers all qualified candidates and seeks to recruit from a diverse candidate pool”  

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