Contract Marine Robotics Engineer Position; MIT Media Lab Open Ocean Initiative

Job Title: 
Contract Marine Robotics Engineer Position
Job Location: 
Full-time, ~6-months


The MIT Media Lab's Open Ocean Initiative is seeking a Marine Robotics Engineer experienced in Arduino development for a temporary full-time position lasting approximately 6 months. The engineer will be responsible for developing the next prototype of the Wayfinder—a buildable LEGO-inspired marine exploration vehicle kit for STEM education and outreach. The position is open immediately. This is a contract position. The work is to be conducted remotely and the pay rate is negotiable.


If you are interested in this position, please email your CV and cover letter to openocean-opportunities [at]


Ideal candidate will possess a MS in ocean engineering, mechanical engineering, or a related field with technical skills applicable to the project. It is possible candidates with a relevant BS degree and demonstration of comparable work experience (5+) will also be considered. Strong understanding of sensors, power, mechanical and electrical packaging for underwater robotics, tethered and/or autonomous underwater vehicles is essential. Proficiency in Python and experience with Arduino development, Linux, or Raspbian is desired.

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