Digital Asset Manager; SeaLegacy

Job Title: 
Digital Asset Manager
Job Location: 
Qualicum Beach, British Columbia, Canada


This decade, we’re on a mission to reinvent conservation for a new generation. Through creative content production, world-class storytelling, and integrated technology, SeaLegacy seeks to actively engage and inspire millions of diverse individuals to join us in taking action to create a healthy and abundant ocean. 

Our work revolves heavily around the critical assets that our team of celebrated media professionals collects while out on expedition; and so we are looking for an experienced Digital Asset Manager to join our dynamic and quickly growing team. You will play an integral role in the management of the collateral used to generate content for our powerful network of creative media professionals and leading partner organizations.  

In this role, you will report to our Post-Production Manager and collaborate closely with key creatives, media contributors, and post-production staff.



  • Transfer, organize, and manage existing assets, which will include the creation and establishment of naming taxonomies and a metadata scheme for all assets;
  • Collaborate closely with key creatives and expeditions staff to establish workflows for on-going operations, such as obtaining, cataloging, and storing assets captured on expedition and providing organized access to post-production staff for content development;
  • Develop supporting documentation for organizational users.



  • Proficiency in CATDV software.
  • Experienced with Microsoft + Google programs and cloud-based storage systems.
  • Able to use online communications and task management systems, such as Slack, Zoom, Asana, etc.



You’re an innovator. 

You have the ability to look beyond typical approaches to solving complex problems and to consider the big picture and long-term impacts when it comes to decision-making — and you don’t hesitate to suggest or develop systems and workflows that will work for the team.

You’re a leader and a learner.

You’re confident in your skillset, are able to manage expectations around your area of expertise, and seek to provide solutions to the challenges that our team faces. At the same time, you are never done learning, you surround yourself with people you can learn from, and you’re not afraid to ask questions.

Communication is your strong suit. 

You’re excited to collaborate with your coworkers and are skilled at establishing and cultivating strong relationships with all types of people, from large creative teams, to content and AWS specialists. You understand the need for clear and constant communication between team members and are able to patiently explain the complexities of your work to a technical or non-technical audience.

You have a team ethos.

You thrive in a fast-paced environment with people who are constantly looking to innovate, enjoy challenges, and demand excellence. We're a small and efficient team; every person plays an essential role in our organization. You bring humor, humility, and kindness to your work.

You’re obsessed with the details.

You can see the bigger picture, but you strive for excellence in every little detail. You are able to build out structure and know that the key to achieving an organized system is in its careful planning — and when it comes to hardware, you don’t take any chances!


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