Executive Director; RI Coastal Resources Management

Job Title: 
Executive Director
Job Location: 
Wakefield, Rhode Island
$126,261 - $141,867/year

The Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC) is recruiting for its Executive Director to transform the way RI delivers services while preserving and protecting its most important resource.

The Executive Director is responsible for a $2.8M State budget, $1.6M in Federal funds, and a staff of approximately 30 full-time employees across four major divisions:

Planning and Procedures;
Enforcement, and Permitting
Policy Development
Personnel management, budget preparation, and administration

The Executive Director will lead CRMC at a critical time in balancing economic considerations with environmental protection and ensuring that all Rhode Islanders can enjoy the natural resources of the state’s coastal communities.

CRMC develops and implements coastal management plans and policies and administers the state coastal regulatory program. It has a coordinating and oversight role for other state agencies and local governments which do not inherently consider coastal zone management issues in their decision-making processes. CRMC has a leadership role in identifying new issues and seeking their resolution. It sponsors coastal zone research that has led to new initiatives in public trust issues, coastal flooding, hazard mitigation, and special area management planning. And it provides the state with a continuing process of public rights-of-way discovery: an issue that is integral to all Rhode Islanders.

CRMC Executive Director Profile

CRMC seeks a proven leader with demonstrated experience in preservation and restoration of coastal areas. The Executive Director must be:

  • A strategic leader who communicates priorities and implements plans consistent with the long-term mission of the organization;
  • A seasoned advocate for coastal restoration and preservation who understands the connections between abundant natural resources, the economy and the enjoyment of Rhode Islanders and who can represent CRMC before various audiences;
  • A problem solver who can collaborate with diverse partners and stakeholders to identify solutions to short and long-term challenges and improve structures and processes;
  • A leader in operational management who is passionate about developing systems that maximize efficiency and prioritize customer service;
  • A pioneer in environmental policy who has experience formulating policies and plans aimed at protecting coastal areas and addressing coastal resources issues.
  • A thoughtful leader who is knowledgeable about federal consistency and offshore wind permitting that can oversee the agency’s wind team in carrying out its responsibilities.

The Executive Director will lead the four major divisions of the agency and work in collaboration with many partners and stakeholders to meet CRMC’s mission.

CRMC Mission

The Coastal Resources Management Council is a management agency with regulatory functions. Its primary responsibility is for the preservation, protection, development and where possible the restoration of the coastal areas of the state via the implementation of its integrated and comprehensive coastal management plans and the issuance of permits for work with the coastal zone of the state.


Send resume to: Meredith Curren
meredith.curren [at] governor.ri.gov

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