Senior Software Engineer; ScootScience

Job Title: 
Senior Software Engineer
Job Location: 
Santa Cruz, California

Scoot Science is building a virtual window into the ocean by predicting the underwater weather. We give our ocean-based customers a critical edge for operations, risk management, and planning by using the best available oceanographic data and science.

If you’re an ocean lover and a science nerd, a person focused on healthy ways humans can interact with the environment, and excited about the intersection of technology, data and decision making... let’s talk.

What You’ll Do

As a software engineer at Scoot, you’ll need to first and foremost be a generalist working within a small team of experienced people. In this position, though, you’ll have broad responsibility for web development. You’ll be working on all aspects of our web-based dashboard, doing work from visual design through UI development to backend API interaction. You’ll have a great deal of freedom and responsibility to define how the dashboard works and how it is developed. Among other things, you will:

  • Design and build robust, simple systems that just work
  • Analyze and develop database interactions
  • Build and consume effective APIs
  • Collaboratively implement and tune our internal development, testing, and project management practices
  • Constantly research new technologies and advocate for good, new solutions

What we are looking for

We are hiring a responsible and motivated Senior Software Engineer, with excellent client-side development skills, to contribute to and influence our early-stage product development. Our team is distributed, and remote work is not just an option, it’s our way.

This is a fantastic opportunity for someone who loves the ocean, and who loves applying the best ocean science to real-world problems faced by ocean operators. At Scoot Science, we’re doing are part to make sure our oceans are used responsibly and sustainably.


  • BS, MS, or Ph.D. in Computer Science or related technical discipline
  • Extensive hands-on work experience developing web-based applications, preferably in a SaaS environment
  • Creativity, ability to solve complex problems without a roadmap
  • Proven experience working across all levels of the development stack
  • Deep knowledge and experience with some areas of our tech like Javascript and Node.js, React, Postgres, GraphQL, AWS, and Python.
  • Curiosity and will to help design our best-fitting software development process
  • Ability to weigh relative costs, in development time and money, of various technical approaches
  • Love of simplicity and lack of dogma
  • Recognition that work is a marathon, not a sprint, and that quality of work time is more important than quantity

Our Story

Scoot Science is a California-based, distributed startup founded in 2017 by a team of experienced oceanographers, software engineers, and data scientists.  We’re an investor backed company with a current roster of 9 employees.  Our team is dedicated to illuminating the linkages between ocean conditions and the ocean economy through data analysis, visualization, and forecasting.  Our goal is to give our customers the best insight into what’s currently happening, and what will be happening, in their coastal oceans.

At Scoot Science, we value ethical practices, a high quality work environment, and diversity in backgrounds and perspectives. We are personal-growth oriented and strive for a positive and inclusive culture.  We promote responsible and sustainable use of our oceans. 

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