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Research Associate
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The NOAA Fisheries Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC) has established a multi-disciplinary team to manage and respond to the need for scientific advice and support focused on NOAA Fisheries mission as it intersects with offshore wind development in the Northeast region. The wind team is comprised of two groups; one that operates out of the NEFSC Directorate to provide advice and monitoring of regional wind energy development and analytical requirements; and a technical team embedded in specific NEFSC Branches that would provide research support to leverage subject matter expertise at the Branch level to impact analysis of wind energy.

This position is for an economist to serve on the wind energy technical team to be embedded in the NEFSC Social Sciences Branch (SSB).  Collaboration with other members of the technical team and the Directorate wind team is expected to assure a coordinated approach to wind energy impact analysis and to assure that economic models and data collections are consistent with regional requirements for advice.

General duties may include literature reviews, synthesis of economic information, and attending meetings and workshops on an as needed basis. Specific tasks to be performed are the following:
Support regional wind team objectives by coordinating with team members and the social scientist, in particular, to respond to requirements for economic expertise and advice.
Participate in the ICES Offshore Wind Development and Fisheries Working Group by contributing to economic TORs
Provide regulatory and scientific advice derived from data and research to inform project site assessments and other planning activities, including development of commercial and recreational economic impact analysis based on NOOAA Fisheries guidance for regulatory economic analysis.
Compile existing economic data on commercial, recreational, and regional economic activity, identify data gaps, and identify strategies for new economic data collection.
Collaborate with SSB to develop economic models of location choice in response to wind energy development sites.

Required Skills:

  • Advanced degree in economics or statistics
  • Training or experience in econometric models of site location choice
  • Proficiency with R-Programming
  • Proficiency in written and oral communication

Desired Skills:

  • Experience or training in fisheries or renewable resource management
  • Experience or training in GIS

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