Assistant Observer Coordinator (AOC); A.I.S., Inc. via NOAA

Job Title: 
Assistant Observer Coordinator (AOC)
Job Location: 
Panama City, Florida

A.I.S., Inc. is contracted by NOAA Fisheries to provide observer support services for the Southeast Fisheries Science Center’s Observer Program.  Southeast Fisheries Observers deploy on commercial fishing vessels based along the coast of the south Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. The AOC shall work within the Panama City Laboratory Fishery Management Branch under the Panama City Observer Program.  The employee shall be required to support all of the programs under the Panama City Observer Program including but not limited to: Shark Bottom Longline, Bycatch Reduction Evaluations, Southeast Gillnet and Reef Fish Longline (inclusive of catch shares). The employee shall support program activities on commercial vessels operating in the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic. AIS is recruiting a full-time Assistant Area Coordinator (AOC).   The AOC will be responsible for assisting the Observer Coordinator in the oversite of observer staff by managing their day-to-day operations and tracking their movements while on deployments, assist in observer coverage selection mailings to permit holders, assist in database management mainly via quality control procedures, and work with NMFS senior scientists, enforcement, Coast Guard, the commercial fishing industry and administrative personnel and staff from other NMFS divisions. The Assistant Observer Coordinator shall be required to enter observer data into a database. Entry of observer data shall be accomplished in a timely manner as specified by the Observer Program Coordinator.  The Assistant Observer Coordinator shall assist the tracking of observer gear, under the supervision of the Observer Coordinator. The Assistant Observer Coordinator will help in the resupplying of new gear, repairing broken gear, inventorying stored gear, and completing the proper paperwork for repairing or acquiring gear.

Job duties include (but not limited to):

  • Work closely with the Observer Coordinator or federal Task Manager at the facility to assist with debriefing, briefing, and training observers
  • Oversee and track observer deployments
  • Communicate with commercial fishermen and vessel owners about departure schedules, safety, and vessel environment , industry outreach.
  • Perform final data review, , data entry, and quality control
  • Analyze data, write reports
  • Estimate protected species interactions
  • attend scientific conferences, SEDAR stock assessment meetings and other meetings to present results of program
  • Oversee research projects related to observer activities and participate in other research projects as necessary
  • Participate in NOAA research expeditions
  • follow OSHA regulations when working in office
  • Approve and track observer requested time off
  • Writing and editing standard operating procedures
  • Compiling monthly reports to track sea days and trip coverage
  • Weekly timesheet quality control and monthly checks on ADP
  • Work with observers as primary field contact to address sampling, data and deployment issues
  • Maintain  gear and provide resupplies necessary for observer deployments
  • Travel to ports to conduct vessel inspections to verify suitability to ensure safe observer deployment
  • Make recommendations to increase the program efficiency in regards to recruiting , training and safety
  • Deploy as an observer as necessary
  • Should NMFS approve we propose that the AOCs will be part of the recruitment process for new observers


Qualifications needed:

  • A minimum of a B.S. Degree in Marine Science or related field of study.
  • Experience with common word processing, database, statistical, and graphics programs.
  • Physically capable of maintaining and moving observer gear.
  • Possess problem resolution skills.
  • Experience with highly migratory species and associated fisheries.
  • At least one year of Fishery Observer experience
  • Must be motivated, self-sufficient, independent, and a strong team player
  • Must be able to work efficiently with a strong concern for completeness and accuracy
  • Possess leadership ability and ensure positive team dynamics.
  • Well organized with the ability to manage multiple tasks in an efficient manner.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license

Compensation: Salary is commensurate with experience and qualifications. Fringe benefits include health/dental /vision insurance, vacation, sick and holiday benefits. Benefits also include 100% employer funded profit sharing plan.

Contact: If you would like to apply for this opening, please click the following link  to submit the required information:  resume, cover letter, at least 5 professional references (name, email address and phone number), and unofficial copies of your college transcripts.  All documents must be submitted in order for your application to be considered.

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