Researcher (Science/Technology) and Researcher (II); JAMSTEC

Job Title: 
Researcher (Science/Technology) and Researcher (II)
Job Location: 
Yokosuka city, Kanagawa, Japan
Application Deadline: 
Friday, July 31, 2020

Job Description

We seek a researcher who will conduct marine plastic research at the Marine Plastics Research Group (M-Plastics) of the Marine Biodiversity and Environmental Assessment Research Center (BioEnv. Director: Katsunori Fujikura).

Our group is studying the extent of marine plastic pollution from the sea surface to the deep-sea in the North Pacific, and assessing its impact on marine ecosystems using multiple approaches, including ship-board observations, laboratory experiments, and the development of innovative sampling and measurement methods/systems. Given that marine plastic pollution is currently an urgent environmental topic facing the global community, scientists are urged to provide credible evidence on the composition, distribution, and density of marine plastics by analyzing numerous samples collected by intensive ocean monitoring, efficiently and quantitatively. In close collaboration with other group members, the successful applicant will be responsible for conducting research on microplastics distribution and dynamics, and produce high-quality scientific outcomes. She/he will also be involved in various outreach activities, such as public lectures, which is the duty of any scientists working on socio-economic issues such as marine plastic pollution.

Required skills:
(1) Published at least a couple of first-author papers in international peer-reviewed journals;
(2) Basic knowledge of marine plastics and observation and analytical methods for it;
(3) Experience with laboratory work in any environmental research;
(4) Experience with analysis and visualization of marine data; and
(5) Available and willing to participate in onboard research lasting up to several weeks.

Desirable skills:
(1) Advanced knowledge of microplastic observation and measurement methods (e.g., using FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy);
(2) Advanced knowledge of the analysis and visualization of large marine data;
(3) Experience in working in an international environment or international research collaboration; and
(4) Clear vision of science and society, science, and policy relationship (e.g., relevance to SDGs)

Relevant expertise areas: Analytical chemistry, Oceanography (physical, chemical, and biological), marine environment, biogeography, and information science


Job Type

[Job Title]
Researcher (Science/Technology)
· Researcher (Science) is expected primarily to perform theoretical work, observations, and experiments related to research and development, through fundamental, original, or advanced research to conduct fundamental, originative, or advanced research based on theories, observations, and experiments.
· Researcher (Technology) is expected to conduct fundamental, originative, or advanced technology development and related research.

Researcher(II) is expected independently to conduct research and technology development and to share results through scientific publications and achieve technology innovation.

*There may be a change in affiliation in the case of reorganization of the Agency.
*At the time of appointment, the above job type will be determined in accordance with JAMSTEC bylaws.

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