Aquarist; Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

Job Title: 
Job Location: 
Santa Barbara, California

Position Summary:  

Assist in all activities related to displaying a diverse marine collection of animals, invertebrates and plants.  Design and maintain saltwater exhibits, filtration systems and backup areas. Duties include food preparation, feeding fish and invertebrates, cleaning tanks, record keeping, general maintenance of all exhibits and life support systems, and assisting with special projects.


Specific Responsibilities:

? Collecting and caring for a diverse California marine collection in closed and open saltwater systems

? Maintaining saltwater life support systems 

? Plan, develop and implement diet and schedule for feeding of animals as necessary to ensure proper health and growth.

? Maintain aquarium tanks and exhibits including scheduled cleanings to create a consistent message and appearance

? Monitor and maintain water quality levels including filtration and water chemistry 

? Developing all live animal protocols

? Assess animal health conditions, and treat or request veterinary assistance

? Supervise aquarist interns and volunteers.

? Work in partnership with staff to build a cohesive team structure

? Oversee the collection of marine animals and plants, which may involve the use of SCUBA and possible operation of small boat craft

? Research, develop, schedule and present animals for exhibits, educational programs and demonstrations for the public, school or tour groups, or other special programs 

? Maintain inventory of items required to support organisms, ordering parts, items, and food as necessary

? Keeping abreast of current husbandry methods

? Assist in the design and maintenance of all Ty Warner Sea Center exhibits

? Perform other similar duties as dictated by responsibility or necessity, or requested by supervisor



Essential Requirements: 

? Expert knowledge of local marine life

? A strong background in water chemistry, disease diagnosis/treatment, lab procedures and water filtration 

? Experience maintaining aquariums and life support systems, preferably in an AZA accredited facility

? Solid mechanical aptitude

? Bachelors Degree in Biology/ Marine Science or equivalent experience required 

? Advanced Diving Certification or equivalent certification/experience 

? Respond to husbandry emergencies as needed, at all times 

? Comfortable interacting with the general public  

? Able to work effectively in a team environment under limited supervision

? Demonstrated excellence in communication skills, both written and oral 

? Knowledge of and ability to use computers and Microsoft’s Office Suite

? Able to respond quickly to changing priorities 

? Ability to keep meticulous records 

? Experience operating small boats for collection purposes a plus 

? Valid California Drivers License


Work Environment:

? General office environment as well as working outdoors, SCUBA diving and snorkeling

? Frequent computer work (repetitive movement – typing)

? Frequent standing, sitting, bending, climbing stairs and walking with very occasional crawling 

? Lifting of light to moderately heavy loads (20-50 lbs)

? Occasional climbing of ladders and working at elevated levels

? Occasional use of tools

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