Post-Doc: Ecosystem modeller for assessing the impacts of oil spills in the Salish Sea; Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, University of British Columbia

Job Title: 
Post-Doc: Ecosystem modeller for assessing the impacts of oil spills in the Salish Sea
Application Deadline: 
Wednesday, December 9, 2020

The Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of British Columbia invites applications for a 1-year Postdoctoral Fellow to act as an Ecosystem modeler with UBC for a project on modelling ecosystem impacts of oils spills in the Salish Sea, starting between January and February 2021 (with the option to work part-time for a longer period), at standard postdoc salary rate. This role is part of an international project, funded through the Multi-partner Oil Spill Research Initiative (MPRI),which is developing and using an implementation of the Atlantis end-to-end ecosystem model to explore scenarios for the ecosystem-level impacts of oil spills in the region, in support of risk mitigation and management.

The main role of the postdoc will be to work as an ecosystem modeller using the Atlantis ecosystem model that has been developed by CSIRO and UBC for the Salish Sea ecosystem. Key tasks for the successful candidate will include undertaking training in the use of the Atlantis model, and then working in collaboration with stakeholders, as well as the CSIRO and UBC modelling teams, to implement and evaluate realistic scenarios of possible oil spills on the Salish Sea ecosystem. Outputs and outcomes from the position will include assessments of the ecosystem consequences of potential spill events, evaluation of alternative management strategies to mitigate these impacts, and the development of papers for publication in peer reviewed journals.

This position is an exciting opportunity for an early career researcher with a quantitative/ecosystem or biogeochemical modelling background to gain first-hand experience with the Atlantis model – including through dedicated training with the model’s developers at CSIRO – as well as to work with a leading, multidisciplinary modelling team in the Department of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences at the University of British Colombia.  Candidates should hold a PhD in Marine Ecosystem Modelling, Quantitative Marine Science, Ocean Biological Modelling or a related discipline with a background in statistics, modelling of marine populations, and programming experience (e.g. in Python; R;  Matlab; or C).

The role will be co-supervised by Dr Susan Allen (UBC) and Dr Javier Porobic (CSIRO, Australia), with input from Drs Beth Fulton (CSIRO) and Jess Melbourne-Thomas (CSIRO).

Applications including CV; names, e-mails and phone numbers of three referees; and a short statement (up to 500 words) of research interests and suitability for the position should be sent to Dr. Susan Allen (sallen [at] and Dr. Javier Porobic (Javier.Porobic [at] The new application deadline is December 9, 2020 but will be extended if a suitable candidate has not been found.

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