Sea Kayak Guide/Naturalist Educator; Sea Quest Kayak Tours

Job Title: 
Sea Kayak Guide/Naturalist Educator
Job Location: 
Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington
Full-Time - Temporary
Up to $200+ per day

Qualifications: The employee must possess the following qualities and/or abilities to succeed:
the ability and willingness to lead interesting and informative discussions on natural history
strong leadership abilities in a variety of situations excellent interpersonal and communication skills with particular focus on guest geniality a clean, neat presence including presentable clothing and personal grooming. Experience traveling on marine waters; camping and kayaking. Driver’s license and clean record with no moving violations in past 3 years. Be able to lift 50 lbs overhead and be physically fit. Current CPR and at least standard first aid required. Possession of tent, suitable outdoor clothing, and other miscellaneous items. Before being eligible to work as a kayak guide, applicants must pass tests for basic guiding skills, local natural history knowledge, navigation, unassisted re-entry of a capsized kayak, assisting others in re-entry, towing kayaks, emergency procedures, etc. Testing will be practical, verbal, and written and these are mandatory requirements before employment as a guide can begin. If you are deficient in any skills you may participate in our Sea Quest Guide Training Program at no cost. The full class for beginners requires 10 days to complete in May and/or June, but depending on your skill level, you may need to participate in only part of the class. Internships available for students working towards their degree and apprenticeships for those with less experience.

Duties: Assist in all phases of field operations, including leading sea kayak tours. Provide discussions to guests about Puget Sound natural history, marine environment, flora and fauna, conservation issues, etc. Teach guests the basics of sea kayaking and water safety, assist guests when entering/exiting and moving kayaks, adhere to all safety protocols, preparation of food and equipment, routine maintenance, etc. Summer program: mid-May to mid-October. Some positions may start in late June and/or end between late August to early September.

Applications: resume only. Send a standard resume augmented with details of sea kayaking, marine experiences, and marine natural history skills. In addition, include a cover letter and list of employer references. If you are in good physical condition and a good educator/marine naturalist, we can teach you the skills to be a safe and strong kayak guide very quickly. On the other hand, natural history knowledge takes much longer to acquire so you should be knowledgeable in this area or spend several months studying before you arrive for training. We will provide a required reading list for this purpose. Contact person: Martine Springer, Expedition Director. Please NO phone calls.

Work Location: Near Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington.

Salary: $100 to $200+ per day depending on skills and prior experience.

Closing date: Open until filled. Phone interviews will take place immediately for qualified individuals.

Please note that all jobs are automatically removed once the application deadline passes. Jobs without a deadline are automatically removed after 30 days.