Postdoctoral Research Associate: OA mitigation and ocean-based CO2 removal; Stony Brook University

Job Title: 
Postdoctoral Research Associate: OA mitigation and ocean-based CO2 removal
Application Deadline: 
Friday, June 18, 2021

Job Summary: Exciting position in the field of OA mitigation and ocean carbon dioxide removal (ocean CDR)! Deadline to apply is now June 18 and candidates must expect to receive their PhD by Jan. 2022.

Required Qualifications (As evidenced by an attached resume):  PhD (or foreign equivalent) in any branch of oceanography, marine science, engineering, physics, or chemistry expected by Jan. 2022.

Preferred Qualifications: Prior experience with seawater carbonate chemistry, measurement and analysis of seawater, electrochemistry, water treatment technologies, ocean acidification, carbon dioxide capture, and/or technology commercialization.

Brief Description of Duties: Seeking a postdoc familiar with the marine carbonate system for an interdisciplinary project in the emerging field of ocean carbon dioxide removal (ocean CDR) and negative emissions technologies (NETs) that aims to mitigate ocean acidification while decreasing the atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration. The postdoc will help evaluate an electrochemical process that enables local adjustment and control of seawater carbonate chemistry. They will be part of an interdisciplinary team of marine scientists and engineers who will evaluate the process and use measurements and modeling of local seawater chemistry to verify safe operation. In addition, they will work closely with stakeholders and partners in related industries with the goal of commercialization at the end of the two year project.

  • Design and perform tank experiments to quantify the effect of the process on seawater chemistry  
  • Design and perform field tests to quantify the effect of the process on seawater chemistry under real-world conditions
  • Analyze data and write up results to communicate with the scientific community via conference presentations and journal publications  
  • Communicate experimental results to project partners
  • Mentor students involved with this project
  • Other duties as assigned
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