Seafood Watch Aquaculture Scientist - Term Assignment; Monterey Bay Aquarium

Job Title: 
Seafood Watch Aquaculture Scientist - Term Assignment
Job Location: 
Monterey Bay, California

At the Monterey Bay Aquarium, we are passionate about creating an inclusive workplace that celebrates and values diversity. We firmly believe that having a team of diverse backgrounds and voices, working together, increases our capacity to serve our visitors and fulfill our mission.  We welcome people from all walks of life into our team and strongly encourage people of color, LGBTQ+ individuals, veterans, and people with disabilities to apply.

Job Summary:

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is seeking a Seafood Watch Aquaculture Scientist, which would (under general supervision):

  • generate or update Aquaculture assessments using the Seafood Watch Standards for Sustainable Aquaculture
  • aid in the maintenance of the Standards which includes scientifically robust criteria for environmentally sustainable Aquaculture and a repeatable, consistent methodology used to assess worldwide Aquaculture operations resulting in public facing seafood purchasing recommendations
  • provide expert advice to the Aquarium, media and external stakeholders including the seafood industry, environmental standard-holders and non-governmental organizations
  • stay informed as to the latest science, opinions, and advancements with respect to sustainability issues
  • be required to contribute to special projects as they arise

Core Responsibilities:

  • Author Seafood Watch Aquaculture Reports, including the following activities:
    • Engage in personal contact with experts, government and industry to gather information in order to develop a Seafood Watch Assessment
    • Compile, synthesize, and analyze information from peer reviewed literature, white papers, government reports, interviews with experts, and others
    • Facilitate external and internal peer review and editing of reports
    • Author initial drafts and finalize Aquaculture assessment reports for publication on the Seafood Watch website
  • Become proficient in reviewing Seafood Watch assessments to ensure that they are consistent with the program's standards and are scientifically accurate and complete.
  • Assist the Aquaculture Program Manager in developing, updating, and maintaining the Seafood Watch Criteria/assessment methodology.
  • Maintain ongoing expertise on key Seafood Watch priority species and issue areas to inform communications with key audiences including business partners, industry, governments, media, and non-governmental organizations.
  • Contribute to discussions with Seafood Watch staff, Technical Experts and other Monterey Bay Aquarium partner organizations to strengthen the scientific rigor of the program.
  • Contribute research and expertise as needed to Monterey Bay Aquarium's ocean conservation goals and programs (e.g. ecosystem resilience, climate change, plastic pollution).

Preferred Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Masters degree in marine ecology, Aquaculture, or equivalent combination of education, training and experience
  • Strong understanding of the history and current dynamics of the sustainable seafood movement
  • Strong understanding of Aquaculture practices, ecological risks of Aquaculture and emerging issues in marine conservation is critical
  • Demonstrated excellence in research using primarily literature, databases, and the internet is necessary
  • Outstanding research, writing, and analysis skills
  • Strong time management skills and multi-tasking skills
  • Prior experience of assessing the ecological sustainability of Aquaculture or aquaculture systems (2-3 years)
  • Outstanding written and oral communication skills, including a high comfort level with contacting Aquaculture experts on a regular basis, are essential
  • Knowledge, comfort and proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other relevant software are necessary
  • Ability to assist Seafood Watch staff with special projects such as coordinating Technical Advisory Committees and workshops
  • Ability to act as a spokesperson for the Seafood Watch program on Aquaculture sustainability by giving talks at meetings, and participating in relevant workshops and other outreach and special events
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