Coastal and Marine Education Program Specialist; North Carolina Sea Grant

Job Title: 
Coastal and Marine Education Program Specialist
Job Location: 
Raleigh, North Carolina preferred
$53,000 - $63,000/year

About the Department

The North Carolina Sea Grant Program sponsors research and outreach efforts addressing the state’s rich and diverse coastal resource, which is comprised of miles of sand beaches, coastal rivers, sounds, estuaries and barrier islands. Research and outreach foci are multi-interdisciplinary with a range of emphases including ecosystem health, water quality, aquaculture, fisheries, estuarine health and dynamics, seafood science, coastal processes and hazards, and coastal community resilience and development. This program is part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Sea Grant College Program. The program currently directs the efforts of 23 full or part-time staff.

To review the program and its organization, please see NC Sea Grant’s web page

Essential Job Duties

Primary duties of the Coastal and Marine Education Program Specialist include, but are not limited to the following:


  • Assessing K-12 curriculum and non-formal education needs to inform product and program development. 
  •  Developing education strategic plans that incorporate priorities for the Sea Grant program 
  •  Developing, implementing, and evaluating coastal and marine environmental education programs for Sea Grant. Those include annual education program metrics submitted to the National Sea Grant office about educators engaged and students reached. 
  •  Expanding coastal and marine-related education curriculum materials for K-12 audiences. 
  •  Assisting Sea Grant extension and communication colleagues in developing K-12 products and by advising on the correlation of products to state and national academic standards 
  •  Facilitating program refinements through engaging an education advisory panel 
  •  Serving as a resource to Sea Grant-funded researchers to help them connect with K-12 audiences and develop K-12-targeted products 
  •  Conducting and publishing educational research to impact the practice of environmental education in North Carolina and nationally 
  •  Conducting educator training through workshops and field trips; Identify and prepare proposals to secure funding for K-12 education, education practice research, and workforce development projects 
  •  Increasing partnerships with local, regional and national programs with compatible marine or environmental education missions. Special emphasis should be on collaborations within Sea Grant, the North Carolina Water Resources Research Institute, and Space Grant and by developing external collaborations with organizations with comparable education missions 
  •  Providing and coordinating public outreach and develop products focused on coastal and marine ecosystems. 
  •  Mentoring education program temporary workers and student interns 
  •  Presenting results of efforts at local, regional and national professional meetings. Representing North Carolina education program to the national Sea Grant Education network and within the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast Sea Grant regions. 
  •  Performing other duties in support of the overall North Carolina Sea Grant mission, e.g., reviewing education proposals for funding. 


Other Responsibilities

Perform other duties as assigned.

Minimum Education and Experience

Master’s degree in marine science or related discipline, science education, and/or other STEM sciences with a minimum of three years’ experience in education program development, coordination and public outreach 

Other Required Qualifications


  • Ability to work independently, possess strong organizational and multitasking skills, and exercise good judgment in decision making Demonstrated leadership abilities with evidence of being able to work well with diverse clientele 
  •  Evidence of excellent oral and written communication skills and the ability to communicate effectively with both technical and non-technical audiences are required 
  •  Demonstrated success in pursuing grants for education programs and their management (e.g., objective implementation and reporting) 
  •  Knowledge of interpretation, outreach/extension education methods, and workforce development 
  •  Experience with applied fieldwork/research methods 
  •  Proven ability to independently plan, develop, and organize an effective outreach program including developing events and field-based learning opportunities 
  • Ability to develop education strategic plans to guide program development and implementation 
  •  Ability to develop and revise educator curriculum materials and correlating those materials to conform to state academic standards 
  •  Ability to promote marine education programs and events 
  •  Ability to develop education program evaluations. Collecting and interpreting data for program metrics 
  •  Ability to respond to media and public requests for information 
  •  Ability to Conduct and coordinating teacher workshops 
  •  Ability to make presentations at national, regional, state, and local education conferences 
  •  Ability to coordinate education efforts with other agencies and nonprofit educational entities 


Preferred Qualifications


  • Ph.D. degree in marine science or related discipline, science education, and/or other STEM sciences with three years’ experience in education program coordination and outreach 
  • Experience in developing curriculum for educators serving underserved populations and school districts in coastal and marine science 
  •  Environmental Educator of North Carolina certification 
  •  Previous experience in coordinating education opportunities with state agencies (e.g., DEQ, OCM, NERR) and not-for-profits (e.g., EENC) 
  •  Knowledge of North Carolina coastal habitats and species and drivers of ecosystem change 
  •  Experience working in an academic setting 
  •  Experience in a land grant/extension program 
  •  Demonstrated professional development focused on education program development and evaluation 
  •  Formal K12 teaching experience 


Required License(s) or Certification(s)

A valid NC Driver’s License is required and must be maintained as a condition of employment.

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