Marine Debris Operations Specialist; 4ocean

Job Title: 
Marine Debris Operations Specialist
Job Location: 
Honolulu, Hawaii

4ocean is on a mission to save the world’s oceans, and we are looking for a Marine Debris Operations Specialist to help us advance our cause at our newest cleanup location, Honolulu, Hawaii!

The Role

The ideal candidate is skilled at working both in the field and able to manage time, schedules and organize and report data. As our Marine Debris Operations Specialist in Hawaii, you’ll be responsible for boots on the ground plastic pollution removal in Hawaii’s communities, rivers and beaches. In addition to collecting and reporting on data, conducting outreach and education programs and submitting testimony for policy changes in Hawaii. 


You will be tasked with documenting; photographing, mapping as well as collecting and reporting data on the type and amount of debris you and the 4ocean Hawaii team collect.  In this role, you will also utilize our 4ocean education material to host outreach events as well as teach in a classroom setting. You will also utilize data from 4ocean cleanups to help aid in Hawaii's policy and systems centered around plastic pollution.

In the Field:

You’ll work with a small crew of other 4ocean crew members in Hawaii on three tiers of plastic pollution removal:

  • Removal of plastics and other materials from Oahu’s rivers and streams
  • Removal of marine debris from select shorelines 
  • Utilizing different technologies to remove micro-plastics from Oahu’s most affected beaches

Other fun stuff you'll get to do:

  • Promote and inspire others to live the 4ocean mission that exemplifies our core values on a daily basis
  • Participate in weekly cleanup operations in select rivers and streams, beaches and operation of micro-plastic removal tools while following 4ocean safety guidelines
  • Bi-weekly plastic trash removal and maintenance of Ala Wai canal booms and harbor
  • Maintain responsibility for your own safety as well as other crew members while maintaining a safe work environment
  • Be responsible for the cleanup and material inventory, reporting, tracking, as well as upkeep and maintenance of vehicle, equipment, 4ocean facility and tools
  • Utilize our large 4ocean pickup truck to transport debris and trash collected to proper repurpose or disposal locations
  • Collaborate & work alongside other marine debris removal and restoration NGO’s looking for the following opportunities:
    • in water debris removal, as well as at sea removals
    • to contribute 4ocean data to influence policy changes in Hawaii, and submit testimony
    • to conduct outreach and education programs about marine debris at events and in classrooms
  • Other duties as assigned.

What we'll need you to have:

  • A passion for cleaning the environment and striving to make changes for the good of our oceans
  • Strong verbal communication skills and the ability to represent 4ocean across the region
  • Ability to drive and maneuver a large pickup truck both off road as well as on small roadways and in the city
  • A valid driver’s license - this is a must
  • Ability to lift or drag up to fifty (50) pounds (unassisted)
  • Comfortability working long hours outdoors, in the sun, in or around the ocean, and in contact with marine organisms and human generated plastic trash 
  • Ability to occasionally work irregular hours, including weekends and occasional evenings as required
  • Willingness to travel inter-island for site visits and clean-ups
  • High attention to detail, organized, and methodical in approach to accomplishing tasks
  • Experienced in fieldwork safety, and adhering to safety protocol
  • A strong appreciation for the environment and sustainability
  • Detail-oriented and organized while maintaining both perspective and the big picture
  • A creative and independent problem-solving skills while able to work proactively anticipating challenges and opportunities
  • Be a go-getter who is cool under pressure, eager to help, positive and friendly

Bonus point if you have:

  • Skills, experience, connections in and around the media world (social media, videography, photography, etc)

It is also super important that all 4ocean crew members naturally live and embrace our core values:

  • Ocean first
  • Be transparent
  • Nudge, don't judge 
  • Small acts add up
  • We're all in this together
  • Move fast
  • Think Bigger
  • Be an owner


About 4ocean

4ocean is a mission-driven for-profit business, dedicated to removing trash from our oceans and coastlines while inspiring individuals to work together for cleaner oceans. 


Founded In 2017, 4ocean was created with the mission to sell a product that would enable the company to fund a worldwide cleanup initiative.  This is how our first product, the 4ocean bracelet, was born. Made from recycled materials, every bracelet purchased funds the removal of one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines. In only four years, we have sold enough bracelets & other products to enable us to pull over 15 million pounds of trash from the ocean. 


Bracelet sales are just the beginning. We are building an assortment of high quality, sustainably made products that will help people reduce their dependence on single-use plastic, reuse the materials we collect from the ocean, and celebrate the 4ocean brand and ocean-conscious lifestyle. 


Beyond our products, we combat the ocean plastic crisis through advocacy, cleanups, influence, and education. We are a for-profit business, because we believe in creating sustainable, profitable business models around cleaning the ocean rather than relying on external funding. Our ocean clean-up operations, currently in the U.S., Haiti, Guatemala and Indonesia, are meticulously documented and audited for transparency, and are regularly expanding to new locations and deploying new clean-up technologies. As of June 2020, our operations employ several hundred people around the world, pulling trash seven days a week.  

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