We get it, finding a job is a full time job. We want to make your life a little easier so here are some more job sites you can check while on the hunt.

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Ocean focused only


SevenSeas Media 

  • Worldwide positions are posted.
  • Pros: Allows basic sorting and can be set to come to your email inbox.
  • Cons: Very wide variety of jobs and while all are roughly ocean related but some stray farther from what you may think of as ocean related.

American Fisheries Society Job List

  • United States of America located positions are posted.
  • Pros: Positions are all related to fisheries which makes things a lot easier if you want to work in fisheries.
  • Cons: Low sorting capabilities.

Schmidt Marine

  • Worldwide positions are posted.
  • Pros: Seems frequently updated and there are lots of sorting capabilities.
  • Cons: Jobs aren’t removed even after they have been posted for a long time so many jobs shown have likely been filled long ago, BUT you can see how long ago they were posted to mitigate that.

ASLO (Association of the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography)

  • Worldwide positions are posted.
  • Pros: All aquatic science!
  • Cons: No sorting capabilities at all.

  • Worldwide positions are posted.
  • Pros: If you simply must work with sea turtles, this board was made for you.
  • Cons: Very few positions are posted and most are volunteer positions.


  • Worldwide positions are posted.
  • Pros: Shares related jobs to the one you selected and you can filter!
  • Cons: It seems that people must pay to post jobs so that probably limits what jobs are posted.

Broadly environmental focused


Conservation Careers

  • Worldwide positions are posted, but seems to be United Kingdom focused.
  • Pros: Has a map option and lots of sorting capabilities, also shows useful information on the home page by each job.
  • Cons: Some old jobs/internships are still posted.

University of Washington College of the Environment Job Board

  • Worldwide positions are posted.
  • Pros: Lots of filtering options and you can use multiple filters at once
  • Cons: This site only shows positions reasonable for students or recent alumnus of universities (so less than five years of experience). This may be a pro for you!

Texas A&M Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences Job Board

  • Worldwide positions are posted.
  • Pros: Many other job search related resources are provided on their site and they share a lot of jobs. 
  • Cons: The filtering options are not wildly amazing and employers submit their own open positions so there are some discrepancies in uniform posting formats.

Conservation Connections

  • Hawaii specific jobs posted.
  • Pros: There is the option to filter by island and since this is Hawaii focused most of the jobs are somewhat ocean related.
  • Cons: Only jobs in Hawaii and you might not live there (but who wouldn't want to live there!)

Florida Sea Grant Facebook page

  • Primarily Southeast United States positions are posted but not exclusively.
  • Pros: Their weekly Facebook status style job listing post should come to your Facebook page if you 'like' the Florida Sea Grant page
  • Cons: It is annoying to read the list in the Facebook format. Lots of scrolling, and no filtering options.


  • Worldwide positions are posted.
  • Pros: There is the ability to post your resume in the hopes that employers will find you.
  • Cons: It seems that people must pay to post jobs so that probably limits what jobs are posted.

Society for Conservation Biology

  • Worldwide positions are posted.
  • Pros: Huge amount of filtering capability.
  • Cons: Not many jobs are posted when compared to how many of these types of job openings exist.

  • Worldwide positions are posted.
  • Pros: A large amount of biology related jobs are on the site and there is the option to sort them by discipline.
  • Cons: Very old-school website, but it is functional.

  • United States of America and Canada only.
  • Pros: Has what seems like every link out to government sites and agencies and even newspapers where you can directly look for a job from the source and by location.
  • Cons: Only has a few jobs directly posted on the site, otherwise it links to hundreds of very specific places to look which can be overwhelming.

  • Worldwide positions are posted, but primarily United States based positions.
  • Pros: Many jobs are on the site.
  • Cons: Fairly annoying to navigate site design and you must subscribe to receive all the jobs they post.

Conservation Jobs UK

  • United Kingdom located positions.
  • Pros: Fairly good filtering capabilities.
  • Cons: Too many job categories to choose from, so when you do pick one there might not be any jobs that fit.

  • Worldwide positions are posted but focuses on United Kingdom located positions.
  • Pros: Can create a job alert.
  • Cons: Can only see a few jobs at a time before having to go to the next page.

Nature Careers

  • Worldwide positions are posted.
  • Pros: Lots of jobs and once you sort by keyword and/or location or neither you can sort that list by a bunch of other things.
  • Cons: This list gets pretty deep into hard science jobs and faculty jobs which may not be useful to you.

Global Water Jobs

  • Worldwide positions are posted.
  • Pros: Everything water! Which gets you fairly close to ocean related jobs. Select which field of work you are interested in to get even closer.
  • Cons: The interface is not very nice to read through.

Discover Data Science

  • U.S. based positions can be found through links out
  • Pros: Great for people interested in Data Science
  • Cons: Doesn't list jobs itself

General Job Sites

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