Approximate Literature Costs

Beginning in February 2017, we started to include the cost to purchase or rent the full text of each academic research item added to our Literature Library.

Please note the following:

  • These costs are set by the publisher.
  • These costs do not go to OCTO (the nonprofit that brings you this website) in any way. We do not make any profit off this service whatsoever.
  • We post the cost to purchase or rent the item when we first add the Literature item to our database; we do not guarantee the accuracy of the cost, as it is subject to change at any time by the publisher.
  • Some publishers have multiple purchasing or renting choices; the cost that we post reflects the option where you may save and/or print the full text, where possible.
  • The costs we post do not reflect institutional or bulk discounts that universities or other organizations may receive.

The total cost for one individual to purchase or rent a single copy of each pay-walled item added to the Literature Library since we began collecting data is approximately: US $118,465.03*

*The total cost is updated every Wednesday. Tabulation began February 22, 2017.