Options for Cooperation between Commercial Fishing and Offshore Wind Energy Industries: A Review of Relevant Tools and Best Practices

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SeaPlan Archive Category: Cross-cutting
SeaPlan Archive Project: Options for Cooperation between Commercial Fishing and Offshore Wind Energy Industries
Type: Report
Year of publication: 2015
Date published: 11/2015
Authors: Stephanie Moura, Andy Lipsky, Molly Morse
Publishing institution: SeaPlan
City: Boston, Massachusetts

This paper is a compilation of potential and current best practices for addressing interactions and supporting successful cooperation between commercial fishing and offshore wind interests. It is intended, generally, to contribute to the growing knowledge base on this important topic and, specifically, to serve as a resource for discussions among industry and government parties in New England. Information for the paper was gathered from the United Kingdom—where the historically strong fishing industry and the offshore wind industry have a long track record of interactions—the Block Island Wind Farm, and other locations with relevant experience. The resulting compendium of best practices identifies a set of commonly-held concerns and offers corresponding tools and practices for addressing them.

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