Negotiating climate change responses: Regional and local perspectives on transport and coastal zone planning in South Sweden

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August 30, 2016 - 12:55am
Type: Journal Article
Year of publication: 2016
Date published: 03/2016
Authors: Hans Antonson, Karolina Isaksson, Sofie Storbjörk, Mattias Hjerpe
Journal title: Land Use Policy
Volume: 52
Pages: 297 - 305
ISSN: 02648377

Putting climate change policy-integration into practice is challenged by problems of institutional misfit, due to, inter alia, deficient vertical administrative interplay. While most focus within the field of climate change research has targeted the national–local interplay, less is known about the interface of regional and local perspectives. Here, the aim is to study that interface with a specific focus on the relation between regional and local spatial planning actors, through a case-study of transport and coastal zone management in a Swedish municipality. The article is based on interviews (focus group and single in-depth) and official planning documents. The material reveals a tricky planning situation, replete with conflict. In practice, various institutional frameworks, claims and ambitions collide. The attempts to steer the local spatial planning initiatives from the regional level led to conflicts, which in turn seems to have hampered the overall work for climate change management through spatial planning. Furthermore, there are few traces of prospects of a smooth vertical institutional interplay able to support the overall aims related to integrating climate change mitigation and adaptation in spatial planning.

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