Intention to pay for the protection of threatened and endangered marine species: Implications for conservation program design

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April 19, 2017 - 11:09pm
Type: Journal Article
Year of publication: 2017
Date published: 03/2017
Authors: Elizabeth Pienaar, Daniel Lew, Kristy Wallmo
Journal title: Ocean & Coastal Management
Volume: 138
Pages: 170 - 180
ISSN: 09645691

We investigate motivations for people's intention to contribute towards increased protection of eight threatened and endangered marine species in the United States, using factor analysis and ordered response analysis applied to data from 7425 respondents to a national household survey conducted in 2010. We find that the strength of individuals' intention to contribute towards species conservation depends on how conservation programs are funded, which species are being targeted for conservation, individuals' knowledge of and prior interaction with these species, awareness of need, awareness of responsibility, altruism, environmental concern, and contextual forces. We argue that individuals who are predisposed to contribute to conservation are likely to be incentivized by messages that focus on charismatic species and reinforce altruistic motives, and ethical beliefs. Individuals with more fiscally conservative viewpoints are more likely to respond to messages about how conservation complements their political beliefs and improves economic conditions or their quality of life.

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