Governance of areas beyond national jurisdiction for biodiversity conservation and sustainable use: Institutional arrangements and cross-sectoral cooperation in the Western Indian Ocean and South East Pacific

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December 13, 2019 - 9:28pm
Type: Report
Year of publication: 2017
Authors: Katharina von Bieberstein, Mads Christensen, Ruth Fletcher, Stephen Fletcher, Daniela Guarás, Juliette Martin, Kaisa Pietila, Amir Sokolowski, Hannah Thomas
Publishing institution: UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre
City: Cambridge, UK
Pages: 120 pp.

This study describes the intergovernmental organizations and legal agreements that pertain to conservation and sustainable use in areas beyond national jurisdiction (ABNJ) in the Western Indian Ocean and the South East Pacific and considers the progress that has been made towards a collaborative and integrated approach to ocean governance in ABNJ.

The analysis was done as part of the ABNJ Deep Seas Project, a collaborative GEF funded project with UN Environment and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN.  For more information see

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