Restoring and Protecting the world's large marine ecosystems: An engine for job creation and sustainable economic development

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December 13, 2019 - 9:05pm
Type: Journal Article
Year of publication: 2017
Date published: 06/2017
Authors: Andrew Hudson
Journal title: Environmental Development
Volume: 22
Pages: 150 - 155
ISSN: 22114645

Some of the most significant threats to the sustainability of the world's 66 Large Marine Ecosystems (LME) – invasive species, coastal hypoxia, overfishing, marine debris and ocean acidification – are due to a combination of market and/or policy failures which cause these environmental externalities. A concerted global effort to remove these barriers would not only lead to dramatic improvements in ocean health and preservation of trillions of dollars in ocean-related goods and services and hundreds of millions of existing jobs, but also catalyze transformation across a range of ocean using and affecting sectors that would create millions of new, and in many cases, well paying, jobs for people across both the developed and developing world.

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