Planning Scotland's Seas: Possible nature conservation marine protected areas - Analysis of consultation responses

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December 14, 2019 - 11:21am
Type: Report
Year of publication: 2014
Date published: 04/2014
Authors: Shona Mulholland, Sue Granville
Publishing institution: Marine Scotland
City: Edinburgh
Pages: 117
ISBN: 978-1-78412-419-9

Planning Scotland's Seas: Possible Nature Conservation Marine Protected Areas was published for consultation in July 2013 setting out proposals for a number of new Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

The consultation ran from 25th July 2013 until 13th November 2013; respondents were invited to submit their opinions and views about the development of the MPA network and on the specific planned MPAs.

Overview of respondents

The consultation attracted 14,703 responses. This included 332 standard consultation responses (216 from individuals and 116 from organisations) and 14,371 submissions from the 11 campaign texts promoted by various organisations, briefly:

  • Three relating to protection for seabirds attracting 1,626 responses.
  • Three relating to protection for whales and dolphins attracting 6,627 responses.
  • Three in support of the MPA network attracting 4,803 responses.
  • Two supporting the South Arran possible MPA attracting 1,315 responses.

Overview of analysis

The consultation posed a series of questions on the network as a whole, the Sustainability Appraisal and the individual possible Marine Protected Areas (pMPAs).

The standard consultation responses were examined and key themes, which are similar issues raised in a number of responses, were identified at each question. Sub-themes; including reasons for opinions, supporting arguments, alternative suggestions or other related comments; were also noted. The key themes were then examined to identify whether any particular theme was specific to any particular respondent group or groups; for example was the theme more prominent in responses from individuals or from any organisational sub-group.

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