Eight Steps to Evaluating Marine Spatial Plans



Step 1: Identify the Need for Monitoring and Evaluation and Prepare a M&E Plan

If you already have a M&E plan, you should go to Step 2

Step 2: Identify Objectives of the Marine Spatial Plan

Make sure the objectives of the Management Plan are measurable to the extent possible—this is a critical early step!

Step 3: Identify Management Action(s) for Each Objective

Make sure each objective has at least one related management action—you will be evaluating the effectiveness of the management action

Step 4: Identify Performance Indicators and Targets

If you already have completed Steps 1-4 in the MSP process, you can begin here with Step 4

Step 5: Establish a Baseline for Selected Indicators

You may already have some of this information after developing the baseline information for the marine spatial plan

Step 6: Monitor the Selected Indicators

Ensure that the selected indicators are monitored on a regular and continuing basis

Step 7: Analyze, Evaluate, and Interpret the Monitoring Data

You will have to analyze, evaluate, and interpret the monitoring data periodically

Step 8: Communicate Results of Evaluation to Decision Makers and Stakeholders

Make sure to include communicating results of the evaluation in the M&E Plan (Step 1)

Use the Results of Monitoring and Evaluation to Adapt the Marine Spatial Plan in the Next Cycle of MSP

Use results of the evaluation to modify objectives and/or the management actions in the next round of marine spatial planning

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  • Plan for monitoring and evaluation from the beginning of the MSP process
  • Identify specific objectives and indicators early in the MSP process
  • Effective monitoring and evaluation will lead to more effective MSP over time

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