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Scientists call for large no-take areas

More than 260 marine scientists from 39 countries have signed a statement calling for the designation of a global system of very large no-take MPAs. Such a system would help ensure the future abundance of top marine predator species and would match the scale of management to the scale of important ecosystem processes, they say.

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This "Building Resilience" feature is contributed by the Reef Resilience program of The Nature Conservancy ( The program provides guidance on building resilience to climate change into MPA design.

By Rebecca Cerroni, Reef Resilience Project Manager, The Nature Conservancy

When corals bleach or suffer other effects of climate change, managers need to be able to communicate these incidents to their constituents, including dive operators, fishers, tourists, and government agencies.

The Skimmer on Marine Ecosystems and Management

As our global society's need for energy continues to grow, the oceans are playing an increasing role in meeting that demand. The development of deeper and deeper petroleum reserves offshore is opening up significant new supplies of oil and gas. And projects to harness the potential of wind, wave, and tidal energy are sprouting off many coastlines, offering the promise of abundant, renewable power.

The Skimmer on Marine Ecosystems and Management

By Paul Holthus, Executive Director, World Ocean Council

The single most important factor determining the health of the ocean is the way business is done in the marine environment. As the tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico unfortunately demonstrates, the best-laid marine spatial plans or best-designed marine protected area can be severely compromised, if not rendered meaningless, by outside impacts on marine environmental quality in the protected area.

The Skimmer on Marine Ecosystems and Management

Editor's note: The goal of The EBM Toolbox is to promote awareness of tools for facilitating EBM processes. It is brought to you by the EBM Tools Network, a voluntary alliance of tool users, developers, and training providers.

By Sarah Carr

Tools for modeling climate change impacts and assessing the vulnerability of communities and ecosystems to these impacts include...