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Posted on June 19, 2018 - 9:59am, by raye

Trump’s new oceans policy washes away Obama’s emphasis on conservation and climate

To protect our fishermen and create sustainable fishing practices, we need regulations. Rolling back on Obama's ocean policy in order to “facilitate the economic growth of coastal communities and promote ocean industries” will only reduce productivity and ultimately hurt the health of our oceans. (via Science Mag

Attention knitters: Researchers harvest uranium from the sea with a yarn “net”

Using high-tech polymeric material, researchers have created a "yarn" that is able to absorb uranium from the ocean. Uranium, more commonly mined for, is rare to find on land and requires extensive refining and processing. This new technology could eliminate certain costs and remove the need to mine, which is environmentally damaging. (via ars Technica)

Pacifical tuna products to be blockchain traceable by July 2018

This shift will allow consumers to know where the tuna was caught, what boat was used, the name of the captain on the boat and more. Blocktrain traceability aids in supporting sustainable consumer shopping and supports sustainable fisheries (via Seafood Source)

Scripps Graduate Student Discovers World’s First Known Manta Ray Nursery

As a threatened species, this knowledge is incredibly valuable. Joshua Stewart, Scripps PhD candidate, who originally went to Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary to take DNA samples off manta rays, struck gold when he noticed the abundance of juvenile mantas. With this discovery comes the knowledge of the environment that manta ray juveniles prefer, which could aid in the placement of future mpas. (via Scripps News)

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Are you interested on updating your knowledge on the European seafood sector? Are you a young professional or researcher in the seafood sector? Are you a student of business or finances?

PrimeFish and the Technical University of Bremenhaven will join international experts and industry representatives from the 6th to the 10th of August in Bremerhaven (Germany), one of the largest hubs for the seafood industry in Europe.


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Posted on June 11, 2018 - 11:08am, by raye

Ecological “law” turns out to just be the result of us fishing

New research is breaking down Heincke's law. Instead of previous assumptions that older fish preferred deeper depths because of societal shunning or temperature, these fish are most likely traveling deep to escape from being food for us. Live and learn, fish style. (via Ars Technica

I asked 15 ocean plastic pollution experts about the Ocean Cleanup project, and they have concerns

Southern Fried Science dives into the effectiveness of the Ocean Cleanup Project through comparing responses from an interview with the COO of the Project against ocean plastic experts. Let's just say, most experts are wary of the Project's usefulness. (via SouthernFriedScience).

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Posted on June 4, 2018 - 9:55am, by raye

India Announces 'Game-Changing' Single-Use Plastics Ban

By 2022, India aims to be totally single-use plastic free. Along with this decision, India has joined the Clean Seas campaign and sets to limit ocean littering along their coasts. Holding the second largest population in the world, this decision could mean big changes in plastic wastes. (via UN Environment)


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