Call for Nominations for the Jairo Mora Sandoval Bravery Award

Jairo Mora was a young conservationist highly committed to protecting sea turtles in Costa Rica. In 2013, at the age of 26, he was brutally murdered by local poachers.

The Jairo Mora Sandoval Bravery Award honors his commitment to marine conservation and it is given for bravery associated with an outstanding contribution to the field of marine conservation, with particular emphasis on responsible and educated scientific endeavor, public engagement and conservation activism. The award is intended to honor conservationists doing respectful, lawful work in the face of possible or realized threats of any kind, anywhere in the world.


The award may be given for a single conservation action or for an entire body of work (i.e., a series of linked contributions). 

The Marine Section is pleased to seek nominations for the Jairo Award for 2018.  

Please note that self-nominations will not be considered. Nominations demonstrating a simple disregard for proper health and safety procedures will not be eligible. 

The recipient will be decided upon by majority vote of the Jairo Award Committee. It will be judged on the basis of a proposal using the form provided. The Committee reserves the right not to present the award if no satisfactory nominations are received.

The winner will be announced during the closing ceremony at the next International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC5) that will be held in in Kuching, Sarawak June 24-29, 2018.

Nominations close 22 December, 2017. For more information on criteria, eligibility, and to find nomination forms, please visit

The Society for Conservation Biology, Marine Section

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