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The Skimmer on Marine Ecosystems and Management

By Alf Håkon Hoel

Editor’s note: Alf Håkon Hoel is a professor at UiT – the Arctic University of Norway. He can be contacted at alf.hakon.hoel [at]

A valuable development in international oceans governance is the growing importance of regional cooperation. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), there are currently about 60 international organizations that deal with regional oceans governance. The increase in the number of these organizations is partly driven by the regional nature of many of the challenges confronting the oceans, as is the case for the Arctic. Other important drivers are the provisions on regional cooperation in the 1982 Law of the Sea Convention and the 1995 UN Fish Stocks Agreement.

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Posted on April 24, 2019 - 10:36am, by vbell

On Tuesday, February 5, 2019, Dr. Brian Silliman gave a presentation on the role of positive interactions between species in boosting ecosystem resilience and recovery. Dr. Silliman then discussed his Lenfest project where he is collaborating with restoration managers and other scientists to integrate this knowledge into coastal restoration design. Dr. Silliman and his team expect that by accounting for positive interactions between species, we could as much as double coastal restoration yields at no additional cost.



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