Webinar Wednesday April 23 - Crafting Guidance for Adapting Shifting Fish Populations

April 23rd at 2pm EST – Crafting Guidance for Adapting Shifting Fish Populations

Register: bit.ly/PershingWebinar

How should harvest of valuable fish stocks be allocated as populations shift due to climate change? What lessons can be learned from the management practices in other regions and nations to inform allocation strategies for shifting stocks along the U.S. Northeast and Mid-Atlantic coasts? On Tuesday, April 23, at 2:00 PM Eastern time/11:00 AM Pacific time the Lenfest Ocean Program will host a webinar featuring Dr. Andrew Pershing, Dr. Lisa Kerr, and Mr. Jonathan Labaree, all of the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, to discuss their project characterizing different fishery allocation systems from around the world and their potential for application in the U.S.

Webinar Instructions: Date: Tuesday, April 23, 2019 Time: 2:00 PM Eastern time/11:00 AM Pacific time 

For remote access: Please fill out the registration form before the event is scheduled to begin. Event number: 791 597 316 Event password: StockShifts2019

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