OC Overview for the Week of August 20 2018

OC Overview

Dosed salmon, clipped fins, a ‘dinner bell’: How far is too far in helping starving orca? 

J50 is one of the 75 remaining residential Salish Sea orcas, and she is dying. Sick with intestinal worms and suffering from a fungal infection, J50 needs help fast.  Oral medication is necessary to treat these ailments, and to supply these is going to require some ingenuity. (via Seattle Times)

150 Years of Shifting Global Fishing

Reg Watson of the University of Tasmania and Alex Tidd of the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology in Ireland have created a virtual map allowing users to trace back 150 years of fishing worldwide. The researchers created this map to better display global trends and to understand how best to advance in fisheries management. (via Hakai Magazine)

Arctic’s strongest sea ice breaks up for first time on record

The Arctic is losing its oldest sea ice. Once old age ice is lost, it is incredibly difficult to recover, as warming waters makes new ice sheet formations much more vulnerable. (via The Guardian)