OC Overview for the Week of August 27 2018

OC Overview

How Whale Poop Could Counter Calls to Resume Commercial Hunting

Researchers continue to explore the importance of whales for the overall vitality of ocean. Results have shown that fecal wastes from whales increase abundance of sea life, especially that of phytoplankton, which in turn consumes atmospheric carbon helping to mediate climate change. The IWC Scientific Committee will use this information, and more, to decide on the fate of commercial whaling. (via Scientific American)

Ocean conservancy group finds over 40 percent of seafood products in Canada are mislabelled

The authors studied five different cities in Canada and had over 400 samples. In the complex world of marketing fish, mislabeling can easily be caused by human error, which may raise the price of a cheaper product. However, at worst, mislabeling can cause disease in customers who may unknowingly purchase something dangerous (via The Georgia Straight)

Kelp dredging proposal criticised by Scottish conservationists


Colombia’s new president faces daunting environmental challenges


This Adorable Sea Slug Is a Sneaky Little Thief


Of Roe, Rights, and Reconciliation