OC Overview for the Week of August 6 2018

OC Overview

Designing the Death of a Plastic

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champagne have created a new type of plastic. At the end of each polymer of plastic sits a little lock that when heated or exposed to some element clicks open causing the plastic itself to dismantle. This breakthrough could end the fear that comes with non-degradable single-use plastics. (via New York Times)


Fish Are Losing Their Sense of Smell

Fish depend on their smell for their survival. Without smell most fish will not be able to either find food, protect themselves, mate or do any of those. New research has discovered that rising ocean CO2 levels are related to loss of the ability to smell among fish. (via EcoWatch)

‘I am sobbing’: Mother orca still carrying her dead calf — 16 days later

16 days. (via Seattle Times )

The oceans’ last chance: ‘It has taken years of negotiations to set this up’

The high seas take up almost a quarter our planet, yet there are zero regulations for what people can do out there. What's the old saying "want to murder someone, take them out to the middle of the ocean?" While that's true. The high seas are our wild west and be it a good thing or not, we must discuss.  (via The Guardian)

Will giant cruise ships destroy the wonders their passengers claim to love?


Pacific Ocean's effect on Arctic warming


Belize chooses to protect coral reefs over oil exploration