OC Overview for the Week of December 03 2018

OC Overview

Celebrating 20 years of Indigenous protected areas, a good news story in a week of turmoil

Recently, members of the Australian government and Indigenous Rangers went to a barbecue. The event celebrated Indigenous Protected Areas (IPAs) and the people who live in and manage them. Created 20 years ago, IPAs continue to serve as land and water conservation zones. This barbecue is to celebrate the stewardship of the Rangers and the land itself. (via The Guardian)

Trump administration approves seismic tests that could harm thousands of Atlantic dolphins and whales via the Washington Post

Just weeks after the climate report release, the U.S government approves a possibly ecosystem destroying measure. (via The Washington Post)

Climate change poses significant threat to nutritional benefits of oysters


Washington tribes oppose Canadian pipeline and more oil tankers in Salish Sea


Rules Are Tightening on Scottish Salmon Aquaculture


New DNA tool 'changes everything in marine science'


Deepwater corals thrive at the bottom of the ocean, but can’t escape human impacts


The Riddle of the Roaming Plastics


Disappearing Arctic sea ice threatens Canada's polar bears: expert panel


Drilling in the Arctic: Questions for a Polar Bear Expert


New Zealand whale strandings 'linked to ocean warming'