OC Overview for the Week of July 2 2018

OC Overview

Trump Accepts the Resignation of Scott Pruitt, the E.P.A. Chief

Happy birthday America, Scott Pruitt has resigned as acting Chief of the EPA. Will his replacement be much better? Mostly likely not, but we shall see. (via New York Times

A new study to improve seabird conservation in Patagonian ecosystems

20% of native seabirds in Patagonia, including threatened populations, could be protected through the magic of a MPA. (via Phys.org

Narwhals, Whales at Greatest Risk from Increasing Arctic Ship Traffic

As the Arctic warms and the elusive Northwest passage so fought for by old-age explores come to fruition, scientists begin to study what will happen to the native ecosystems and which creatures will be most affected. (via Oceans Deeply)

Australia is banning plastic bags. Here's what other countries are doing

Another country joins the exclusive (inclusive, please join) club of banning single-use plastic bags. This is following many cities removing plastic straws and microbeads. What will be next? (via kpax)

Great white spotted off Spain in decades first: marine group