OC Overview for the Week of July 9 2018

OC Overview

Orcas of the Pacific Northwest Are Starving and Disappearing

It is still unknown why the resident orca pods within the Salish Sea are dying. There are many possible theories, ranging from: pollutants from nearby cities to increase in marine traffic. A leading thought is the deaths are driven by loss of the orca's main food source, the Chinook Salmon. The Chinook or King Salmon is the largest salmon found in the Salish Sea and similarly to the resident orcas, is endangered. (Via The New York Times)

Krill fishing firms back Antarctic ocean sanctuary

85% of the largest krill fishing industries are putting a "voluntarily permanent stop" to fishing within certain areas of the Antarctic. The protection of krill is critical as they are a main food source for many Antarctic species and also aid in removing carbon from our atmosphere. (via The Guardian)

The Hunt for Earth’s Deep Hidden Oceans

Geologists may now believe that below us sits not just rocks, but water rocks. Minerals found deep within the earth are discovered to be made of carbon and oxygen, and when melted turn into water. (via Quanta Magazine).  

How Rats Remake Coral Reefs

It all comes down to poop...or the lack of it. (via The Atlantic)


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