OC Overview for the Week of November 12 2018

OC Overview

Scientists acknowledge key errors in study of how fast the oceans are warming

A recent Nature study found that the ocean absorbed 60% more heat per year than previously believed. In recent post-review, inaccuracies were discovered within the margin of error causing the percentage of heat in the ocean to be higher. (via The Washington Post)

This fish could help corals recover rather than collapse

Studies by Jonathan Pruitt of UCSB on the coral reef dwelling Dusky Farmerfish colonies look at the relationship between the Farmerfish and Coral. The studies find that as waters warm the Dusky Farmerfish become more aggressive and their populations increase, helping to keep coral safe from predators. (via Anthropocene)

Watch the warming ocean devour Alaska’s coast in this striking time-lapse video


With Humans Out of the Way, Humpbacks Are Flourishing—But So Are Orcas


Can we save the prized bluefin tuna, and its habitat, by growing it in a lab?


The world’s plastic problem is bigger than the ocean