OC Overview for the Week of November 5 2018

OC Overview

Suspending whale-watching tours, breaching dams recommended to save orcas

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee's Southern Resident Killer Whale Task Force has compiled a list of thirty-six recommendations to strengthen the future outlook for this threatened population. These goals will focus on increasing numbers of chinook salmon, decreasing water contamination, and lessening vessel noise. (via KOMO News)

Models show natural swings in the Earth's climate contribute to Arctic sea ice loss

A study in Nature Geosciencehas found that 40-50% of Arctic sea loss can be contributed to naturally occurring instances, such as El Niño and La Niña events. However, humans have caused the natural fluctuations to be much grander and longer in scale. (via phys.org)

Drug-resistant sea lice out of control on B.C. Coast


A New Vaccine Protects Albatross Chicks


Russia, China, Norway sink landmark Antarctic ocean reserve plan


Antarctic's future in doubt after plan for world's biggest marine reserve is blocked


To Flush Or Not To Flush: Agencies Navigate Conflicting Messages On Disposal Of Meds 


Sighting of Sperm Whales in Arctic Waters 'Really Shocking'


First Study of Humpback Whale Survivors of Killer Whale Attacks in the Southeastern Pacific