OC Overview for the week of October 15 2018

OC Overview

Dornoch Firth: Extinct oyster reefs restoration starts

The endangered European oyster is trying to make its way home. This is not the doing of researchers or scientists, but was kick started by the Glenmorangie Distillery which sits above the Dornoch Firth. Dornoch Firth historically was home to a large European oyster reef that has since been farmed away. The owners of Glenmorangie Distillery hope to replant this reef to use as a natural filter that will help to clear any discharge created through the distilling process. (via bbc)

Researchers recommend satellite technology as a way to create more effective, 'true' shark sanctuaries

Researchers went to the Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI) to study reef sharks and ended up exposing illegal shark fishing instead. The protected area around RMI was created as a shark sanctuary, to protect endangered shark species which pass through. What the researchers found, however, were sharks traveling through at higher speeds and closer to land than expected. This was because the tagged sharks were not swimming, but were being carried away by boat to be sold. The researcher believe one solution to this issue could be tracking all boats within the RMI. This way they would know where the boats are and what the are fishing for. Sometimes it’s not the animals that need tagging, it’s the people. (via phys.org)

New atlas of Scotland's west coast marine wildlife


In New York City, sea urchins and horseshoe crabs help lead the class


Federal judge orders EPA to protect salmon from warm temps in Columbia River basin


Electronic tags could keep fishing nets from becoming ghosts