OC Overview for the week of September 10 2018

OC Overview

The United Nations Is Considering Banning High-Seas Fishing

In a recent study, published through Science Advances, researchers try to determine how influential high sea fisheries are for global supplies. The results show that the answer is very little. Another question to ask though is “how important is the high seas for the overall health of global fish stocks?” (via Hakai Magazine)

On Waste Plastics at Sea, She Finds Unique Microbial Multitudes

Microbes are everywhere, on everything, even the tiny microscopic bits of plastic in the ocean.  In this interview with Quanta Magazine, Maria-Luiza Pedrotti of France’s National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) discusses the role of microbes in the marine ecosystem, the fear of transferred infectious diseases, and the possibility microbes breaking down plastics. (via Quanta Magazine)

Wait, So How Much of the Ocean Is Actually Fished?

A couple weeks ago a study by Global Fishing Watch claimed that only 4% of the ocean was being actively fished, in a new study, the results vastly differed with 55% of the ocean being fished. How did this happen? Possibly by how the researchers decided to break the ocean up for study. (via The Atlantic)

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