OC Overview for the week of September 24 2018

OC Overview

How reliable are turtles for measuring ocean trash and marine health?

Sea turtles are widespread through the ocean. They are one of the most photographed, as well, when it comes to marine debris and plastic pollution. With snouts closed shut with plastic can holders, and stomachs full of debris, it seems that turtles and marine plastics almost go hand and hand. The question is how well could scientists use turtles as an indicator for ocean health? (via phys.org)


Losing grounds: Self-report or report by force

Ray Hilborn, fisheries professor for the University of Washington, voices his concern over the current restrictions placed on fisheries. Discussing the growing power of anti-commercial fishing groups on the international scale. Hilborne ends by providing input on what fisheries must do to stay afloat, through taking advantage of technology already available. (via nationalfisherman)

Shell Canada allows for marine protected area


Give protected status to third of our oceans, urges Gove


What 13,000 Patents Involving the DNA of Sea Life Tell Us About the Future


Congratulations. Your Study Went Nowhere.


What It Takes to Guard a Giant Shark Sanctuary