OC Overview for the week of September 3 2018

OC Overview

Hundreds of Researchers From Harvard, Yale and Stanford Were Published in Fake Academic Journals

An undercover study, performed by a German team led by journalist Silvia Eckert, discovered that hundreds of papers were submitted to predatory journals by real researchers from prominent institutions. These journals go on to create fake conferences with “experts” to draw in millions of dollars. One plausible explanation for these researchers to submit to these inauthentic journals is purely to say they were published. ( via Motherboard)

Concern over endangered orcas blows up approval of Trans Mountain pipeline in Canada 

In a major win for the environment and especially for the protection of the southern resident killer whale population, the trans-Atlantic pipeline expansion has been revoked by the government of Canada. This comes after many months of protest by Canadian First Nations, US tribes, and many environmental groups. (via The Seattle Times)

Tracking marine migrations across geopolitical boundaries aids conservation

In a new study published in Nature Ecology & Evolution, lead author Autumn-Lynn Harrison uses data obtained by Stanford University’s Tagging of Pacific Predators program to assess where and when a species will be in a country’s EEZ. Harrison hopes this data will help with international cooperation for protection of endangered migratory species. (via Phys.org)

Coastal Labs Studying Increased Flooding Consider Moving Because Of Increased Flooding 

In a somewhat ironic situation, the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium lab which specializes in informing communities at-risk of flooding due to rising sea levels, is at-risk of being flooded out due to their precarious location. (via NPR)

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