Ocean Highlights from the IUCN World Conservation Congress

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For the week of 19 September 2016

Greetings OpenChannels Community Members,

Join us 4 October for a webinar on Ocean Highlights from the IUCN World Conservation Congress.

This webinar will features speakers: Lauren Wenzel, Director of the NOAA National Marine Protected Areas Center; Carl Gustaf Lundin, Director of the IUCN Global Marine and Polar Programme; and Dan Laffoley, IUCN Principal Advisor, Marine Science and Conservation for the Global Marine and Polar Programme, and Marine Vice-Chair for the World Commission on Protected Areas.

For more information and to register, please visit https://oct.to/OCWebinar102.

Thank you for being a part of the OpenChannels Community,
-Nick Wehner, OpenChannels Project Manager, and the rest of the OpenChannels Team

PS: I'm taking vacation, so expect the next two weeks to be quiet around here. Hoping to have the next Weekly Update out on October 7th. Until then, don't let anything major happen that I'll miss!

*News Update — 20 new posts this week*

  • Prime Minister John Key of New Zealand has (almost entirely) confirmed the Kermadec marine sanctuary will be put on ice if no agreement with Maori Party can be reached – https://oct.to/OC304.
  • The United States and 12 other countries have pledged to begin WTO negotiations to ban fishery subsidies – https://oct.to/OC305.
  • Global Fishing Watch, the fishing-vessel tracking system developed by Oceana, SkyTruth, and Google is now live (and anyone can use it) – https://oct.to/OC306.
  • The Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Network has launched a new Biodiversity Finance learning module – https://oct.to/OC307.
  • The Community Conservation Research Network has published a Guidebook for Analyzing Social-Ecological Systems for Community Conservation – https://oct.to/OC308.
  • The Marine Ecosystem Services Partnership is hosting a webinar on 18 October on Filling the socio-cultural evidence gap: An approach for including socio-cultural values in marine planninghttps://oct.to/OC309.

*Literature Update — 38 new titles this week*
Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems has published ‘Dangerous Targets’ revisited: Old dangers in new contexts plague marine protected areas – https://oct.to/OC310.

*Blog Update — 1 new blog this week*
Ayana Elizabeth Johnson blogs this week on U.S. Ocean Leadership: Getting from 1% to 30% Marine Protectionhttps://oct.to/OC314.

*Webinar Update — 1 new archived webinar this week*
This week's webinar on a Decision-support tool for coastal area management based on results of the Sea Level Affecting Marshes Model (SLAMM) is now archived – https://oct.to/OC311.

Grant & RFP Update — 3 new grants this week*
NFWF's 2017 Sea Turtles Program has a Request for Proposals open through 13 October – https://oct.to/OC312.

*Job Listings Update — 10 new jobs this week*
The Texas Sea Grant College Program is hiring an Extension Program Manager – https://oct.to/OC313.